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Students audition for Romeo and Juliet play at Burnight Theatre

Juan Lopez and Juan Lopez

February 14, 2012

Auditions for Romeo and Juliet were held Feb. 13 at the Burnight Center Theatre. Students gathered to audition for roles in the play that will adopt a modernization of Romeo and Juliet. One such student is Baije Logova, an obstetrics and gynecology major, who has also auditioned for other plays in the past. Since she found out about the play, ...

Talon Mark’s ‘Campus News Hour’ February 1, 2012

Free Speech Zone: 'Is there enough security in the parking lots?'

Alexandra Scoville 

John Gonzales : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Lucia Sarabia and Tito Benavides and Lucia Sarabia and Tito Benavides

February 1, 2012

Today is February 1st, 2012. Welcome to the third edition of Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester. Bri...

Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ January 25, 2012


Tito Benavides and Lucia Sarabia and Tito Benavides and Lucia Sarabia

January 25, 2012

Today is January 25th, 2012. Welcome to the second edition of Talon Marks ‘Campus News Hour’ for the Spring semester. Bringing ...

Dance department students thrive through the art of movement

Talon Mark's 'Campus News Hour' February 8th, 2012 : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Alexa Bazua and Alexa Bazua

January 20, 2012

Cerritos College currently offers more than 20 types of dance classes, from ballet to middle eastern. Dance major or not, so...

Cerritos College piano instructor produces “Hollywood Revisited” event

Tania Olivas and Tania Olivas

January 13, 2012

Cerritos College Piano Instructor Greg Schreiner produced an event called Hollywood Revisited Saturday at Menifee Valley's Center for Spiritual Living. He displayed more than 350 outfits from old-time Hollywood stars while playing songs identifiable with the customs. "It fits beautifully with my love for piano and my love for costumes," said Schreiner ...

Students show up to participate in poetry night

Public relations major Santiago Zuniga recites a poem at the Library Club's poetry night on Nov. 30. The event gave students the opportunity to recite their poems in a competition.

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

December 6, 2011

The Cerritos College Library Club held its poetry night in the Teleconference center on Nov. 30. Tickets were sold at the door...

Actors participate in an improv game during Late Night Burnight.

“Late Night Burnight” leaves audience rolling with laughter

December 4, 2011

The Late Night Burnight cast won its audience over by making them laugh hysterically in every sketch on Dec. 2nd. With a ridiculous ope...

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Radio Club will host two Nirvana showings

November 22, 2011

Pete Moye'News Button The Cerritos College Radio Club will be hosting two showings of the “Nirvana: Live At The Paramount” on Wednesday from ...

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Students invade Burnight Center Theatre

November 16, 2011

Pete Moye'Arts Button The Burnight Center Theatre was invaded by auditioning students hoping to be part of the spring 2012 play The Rimers ...

Participants of the Cerritos College Dance Department preform during the concert which ran Nov. 3 - Nov, 5. The concert was put on by the Dance Department as well as ASCC.

The Cerritos College Dance Department holds the fall 2011 dance concert

November 10, 2011

The Cerritos College Dance Department and ASCC held the 2011 Fall Dance Concert at the Burnight Theatre. The concert ran from...

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