Talon Marks

Fairfax: The Mecca of Streetwear

Fairfax: The Mecca of Streetwear

May 28, 2019

Los Angeles isn’t only known as the sprawling city of the television and film industries. There is more than the breezes among...

LA's grub hubs

LA’s grub hubs

May 28, 2019

One of the most talked about food, specifically in the greater Los Angeles is street food and small shops. The popularity of...

The neon marquee outside of Amoeba serves as a beacon for the ecosystem that is the Sunset Strip. Photo credit: Michael Reza

Amoeba Music: An analog oasis

May 28, 2019

On the corner of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood stands Amoeba Music, its red and orange neon signs acting as a beacon for those...

Wings Magazine Spring 2019 – LA Snapshots

May 21, 2019


Kailei Lopez, film major, who mostly works behind the camera, such as editing and cinematography, on productions, will make her debut in front of the camera early 2019. Photo credit: Jackelynn Martinez

From backstage to onstage

August 16, 2018

La La Land is the city where many individuals filled with dreams and determination try their best to get their foot in the do...

With a camera at her side, Alexandra Menendez is always ready to capture moments big and small. Courtesy of Alexandra Menendez

Behind the camera

August 16, 2018

Capturing moments big and small with a camera at her side is what Alexandra Menendez finds passion in. This passion has led her...

Lisa Naranjo, art major, works on a painting that is part of a series of paintings depicting abuse, relationships, over-sexualization and liberation of women.

Explicit art

August 16, 2018

Stand in front of Lisa Naranjo’s art and you’ll see a series filled with forced religion, abuse, strained relationships and...

Teaching by day, rocking by night

Cerritos College anthropology professor Mark Abbruzzese has been a part of faculty since 2005.

Bianca Martinez

August 16, 2018

  A considerable number of Cerritos College students simply attend their classes, do the work, write down notes and only...


Asylum: seeking education and status

August 16, 2018

Imagine for a moment living in five different countries before the age of 18. Prottyuth "Chapal" Barua doesn’t have to imagine...

Cerritos’ Cosplaying Covergirl

Business major Elizabeth Craig  has been cosplaying since the age of 15. Craig views cosplay more as a part of her life than a hobby.

Cesar Villa and Desmond Byrd

August 14, 2018

It’s humid and smelly, a young cosplayer is struggling to keep her costume from falling apart, at the same time she is being...

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