Workshop aids students searching for a major


Alvaro Bayona

Career Counselor, Clara Ross-Jones talking about the differences in Majors and Careers to students. About 30 students were in attendance for the workshop. Photo credit: Alvaro Bayona

Alvaro Bayona

Struggles can vary, however, if there’s one struggle that really gets the best of college students, it’s the decision about their careers.

The “Choosing Your Major” Workshop began Aug. 31 and had a crowd of about 30 students in attendance.

The workshop was created for students who struggle with what major they want to choose.

The event was open to students and talked about how students can get assistance about how to pick the career they want.

The counselors, Clara Ross-Jones and Traci Ukita, discussed that a career and a major are two totally different things. A major is what a student would come to school to learn about, but a career will define them forever.

Ukita said, “Doing this can really benefit the students from every aspect.”

She continued, “Not only will it guide them to a better start, but it’ll really open their minds on their goals. Sometimes choosing a major can differ later when you realize you want to do something else in life.

“And that’s where we help. I also recommend this to students who are interested and curious about help for their futures.”

In fact, some students even change their majors and go for a totally different career.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to every student, but some decide that maybe the major he/she came in for, was not the one that leads to his/her career.

Clara Ross-Jones said, “This workshop really helps the students very much. I feel that when we do this, it opens doors and the minds of everyone that joins so they can get a better understanding about their careers.

“I love it when the students get involved because we can show them resources and information about their careers.”

Students seemed to benefit from the workshop and its features.

Biology major, Yarah Medrano said, “My experience with it was really good. Many people come to school confused about what they want to be, and some need help. I was helped today and know more about the difference from a major and a career, and will use it to my advantage.

There isn’t much news about another workshop, but we can hope for another one to come soon.”