Clubs assembled in search for new recruits

Bianca Martinez

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Despite the lack of significant student foot traffic on Club Info Day, blue canopies offered sanctuary to those students who were interested in joining the various campus clubs available.

Campus clubs assembled at Falcon Square on Wednesday, Sept. 7 to show their colors in the search for new recruits for the 2016-2017 school year.

Community members listened to fellow students discuss the benefits that come with being a member over the diverse variety of voices and music, clubs such as anthropology, WPMD, Karbarkada Club.

Campus clubs can offer a sense of belonging and camaraderie, especially to new students.

Natalia Valdez, a member of Cerritos College Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan found a sense of security in the club, “When I came here I didn’t know anybody and as soon as I found out Cerritos College had a club rush, I literally felt like I found home […] A really huge support system to spread out diversity.”

Clubs also provide students with tools needed to ensure that students receive the tools they need in order to be successful during college and throughout everyday life.

Vice President of the Math Club Armando Avila said, “Math Club is designed to be able to help people with mathematics and studying, any level of mathematics. Our current goal at this moment is to connect as many scientific/stem programs to provide our members with some amazing opportunities not only with field trips but education.”

Clubs provide an outlet for students to have fun, be a part of campus life, and interact with other students who share common interests.

As Student Alliance for Equality Club Vice President Isaac Simons-Araya puts it, “Our goal is to help promote and advocate our social equality at all different levels so thats like religious freedoms, sexual identity, gender identity, and other different movements[…]

“Its really about creating a safe environment and a space for people to feel welcome, people of all kinds.”

For more information regarding a full length list of current active campus clubs and organizations, please visit the Cerritos College OrgSync community.

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