No empty seat at the Disney College Program Information Session


Lizette Sainz

During the Career Service Workshop on Disney College Program Internships room BE 106 was at its maximum capacity. Students attended to learn about opportunities and requirements to apply to the program. Photo credit: Lizette Sainz

Lizette Sainz

Raquel Viera, kinesiology major, was one of over 54 students who attended the Disney College Program Information Session that took place on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Viera said, good information was given during the presentation.

Clare Ross-Jones, presenter from the workshop, said, “The minimum requirements for Disney College Program is to be 18 years old.”

Disney accepts people every semester, you can apply online, at

She went on, “Students must be currently enrolled and show proof of enrollment, students also need to have completed at least one college class with a minimum of 2.5 GPA.”

The deadline to apply is Friday, October 28.

Ross-Jones said, “Disney has multiple options, housing no housing, Florida, Anaheim location, but in general deadline is Friday, October 28.”

Guest speaker, Jennifer Arenas, said, “Students will pay for [the flight] to Florida and students will definitely need to sleep in a housing dorm.”

She added, “Disney has its own bus system, all the transportation will take the student where needed.”

She went on, “Housing is not that expensive, it is like $100.00 dollars a week, and it will be taken out of the pay check every week.

Students do have dorm mates, the fun part is that students will also be able to participate in activities like pool parties [and] night parties in one of the water parks,” Arenas said.

Ross-Jones said, “I think it went great, we a had full house and Arenas providing her experience was helpful to have students hear.”

Albert Castro, computer science major, said, “I knew about the program before, but she explained how Disney is not like other companies, she explained why Disney seems to be like an easy way to get out there and experience an opportunity; I most likely want to apply.”

Viera said, “the way Arenas explained her experience in how she starts it and how you can still have fun doing workshops while working for the Disney Company [was good information], I will be looking into it.”

Ross-Jones added that she and Arenas have presented before, this was their third time presenting at Cerritos.

Arenas said, “The workshops are beneficial to students, I really wish that there was information like this when I was here at Cerrito college as a student. Now I can bring this opportunity early for the students.”

Geology major Joanna Campos said, “I thought is was very interesting because you are able to obtain that college experience, but you also have fun.”

For more information contact Arenas at [email protected].

Also, Ross Jones at 562-860-2451 [email protected] a minimum of seven school days in advance.