Crafty Career Cafe workshop creates buzz


Lizette Sainz

From left to right, Samantha Zamorano, Christopher Rodriguez, and Reena Rana filling out a form to find out what theme, career wise would be their strength. It was a technique provided by the organizers to let students know it was okay to make a mistake on choosing a major they thought was going to be their career. Students can always change their major. Photo credit: Lizette Sainz

Lizette Sainz

The student’s eyes caught how the tables were set with a color table mat, something different for them to see in a workshop.

Students and staff members ate cookies and drank coffee, before, during and after the workshop.

Students were welcomed to the Career Cafe Workshop on Monday Sept. 26 with lots of cookies and coffee, the room setting was described by students as a cozy place.

Psychology major Reena Rana said, “I think it was really inviting. The settings as you walk in, it helps you say whatever it is that you want to say, ask questions and engage to speak up and discuss the subject, it allowed you to have a conversation.”

Having informal conversations with counselors and event organizers Traci Ukita and Clara Ross-Jones allowed students to have more insightful conversations about their majors.

Pharmacy Technician major Alex Santa Ana said, “It was very helpful, it helps you open your eyes to see what personality matches your career goals. Like they [the counselors at the workshop] said, you can always change your mind about it […] it’s giving you like an inside view on what you may want to do.”

Ross-Jones said, “It’s just a conversation, it’s not a formal presentation, it’s more like having conversations surrounding career topics. Looking at career choices, looking at how all your personality values or interests really intersect to help you get to a valid career and major choice.”

Organizers Ukita and Ross-Jones, encouraged Students who are in college and want to succeed, to take chances in life and refuse to fail in their choices.

Astrophysics major Christopher Rodriguez said, “I think it’s pretty efficient, I wish I would have had more room for more cookies. The workshop was a really good idea, to actually see what you can do and also good for changes you have to do as well.

“It’s a good idea to have this every month, it kind of sets you up on the right path in what you want to do.”

Ukita said, “Keeping in mind that we want to succeed not fail, you can take chances in life, but you may want to take a parachute just in case. […] Making the wrong choices in selecting the wrong major in your life is okay, it’s part of life, we have the right to make wrong choices, and you can always switch your career major and be happy.”

Psychology major Samantha Zamorano said, “It was really nice to have counselors to come and talk to you, give you information. Students walk around not knowing what they want to do. it’s definitely a good resource for students here on campus.”

Career Cafe Workshops will be offered to students on, Monday, Oct. 31. at 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. at MP 201 and Monday, Nov. 28, at 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. at MP 201.

For further information contact,

Traci Ukita, Career Counselor, [email protected], Ext. 2592

Clara Ross-Jones, Career Counselor, [email protected], Ext. 2313