The UC application changes personal insight questions

Perla Lara

Transferring to any of the UC universities is determined by the UC application that is submitted. The application takes into account the applicant’s grade point average and how well the personal insight questions are answered.

A student’s grade point average is only half of the story the other half is letting the application readers know who the applicant is and why the person is a good fit in one of the UC’s.

The application deadline is Nov. 30, applicants have until then to gather all the application requirements and complete it.000question200dpi

That means answering four personal insight questions each with a 350 max word count.

According to the website going from answering two personal insight questions of 500 words each to answering four personal insight questions each with a 350 max word count “is the biggest change in the UC application in nearly a decade, but don’t get rattled, the change puts students in the driver’s seat.”

What that means is that even though there is a four question requirement applicants have eight question options to choose from.

For transfer applicants that means choosing the questions they can answer best.

Those questions should show the UC application readers personal characteristics that would make them a good fit for a UC university.

Elementary studies major Emily Venegas did not know about the change, “I didn’t know, […] I rather do the four questions. I think it’d be easier for me to explain each [short] question than one long [answer question] because I can’t go on and on like that.”

Business major Christy Medina is a first semester student. She also did not know about the changes to the UC application, her goal is to transfer.

She said, “I have questions, I’m like new [to college] I want to transfer.”

Transfer Center Center Co-Director Brittany Lundeen had recommendations for students.

She said, “I definitely recommend that Cerritos College student use the Transfer Center services early. Whether it is a student’s first semester or last there are activities that can help in the transfer process.

“Speaking to a representative from the university, visiting a campus through a campus tour, and meeting with a Transfer Center counselor all can help students make an informed decision on where they want to go next.

She continued, “Once the student decides where to go the educational plan is much easier to layout. Remember starting at the community college

Uc personal insight writing tips infograph. Source:

is starting fresh, students who may not have had the best grades in high school can come here and be straight ‘A’ students. Cerritos College student can truly start here and go anywhere!”