Editors’ tips: what’s the best way to spend time between classes?

Perla Lara

“Listening to music is the best way to relax after a hard class.”

-Monyca Cedillo, Co-Multimedia Editor

“Use the restroom of your choice.”

-Benjamin Garcia, Co-Multimedia Editor

“Go grab a bite to eat and catch up on any work.”

-Briana Velarde, Arts and Entertainment Editor

“Go study in the library to help you pass your classes.”

-Briana Hicks, News Editor

“Do homework or catch up on your reading list.”

-Karla Enriquez, Managing Editor

“Come visit the newsroom (FA 42) and see what Talon Marks does every day.”

-Terrel Emerson, Online Editor

“Take a nap in your car, on the grass, or in the bathroom. Wherever you can.”

-Monique Nethington, Sports Editor

“Read a book, whether for school or for leisure. Listening to music and reading a good book is bliss.”

-Jenny Gonzalez, Opinion Editor

“Take the time to explore the resources on campus like workshops, tutoring centers, meditation options.”

-Chantal Romero, Platforms Editor

“Get some food and go over to the newsroom to get homework done.”

-Ethan Ortiz, Editor-In-Chief

“Talk to people who are also between classes, or meet up with friends. Talking is a great way to make time go faster.”

-Perla Lara, College Life Editor