Clubs enjoy a tug of war competition


Lizette Sainz

Clubs participating in the tug a war event put together by the Veteran Resource Center on Monday Nov.7, clubs where competing for a $150 first place prize, $100 second place prize, and a $50 third place price. The event was sponsored by area 1 Board of Trustee member Bob Arthur. Photo credit: Lizette Sainz

Lizette Sainz

The first Veteran Resource Center tug of war competition at Cerritos College took place on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The event was sponsored by area 1 Trustee Bob Arthur, who said, “I’m very proud to be the sponsor and part of it, to support our Veteran Resource Center and the young men and women that have utilized that facility. The Veteran Club, it just won my heart.

“I’ve been a board member here now for 21 years. Anything that I can do for students, it has always been the highest level of priorities on my priorities list.”

Arthur added, “When this idea came, in the veteran’s week, when I first heard about it at the Norwalk community coordinator council dinner, when the scholarships that were handed out to veterans I told [Veterans Resource Center Counselor] Felipe Salazar and other several veterans who were there, ‘whatever I can do to assist them for this event, just let me know, I said, just tell me what you need and I will make sure it gets done.'”

Arthur continued, “I’m not looking for recognition, […] is not about me, it’s all about them.”

The three winning club teams earned a prize:

  • First place: Puente Club $150.00
  • Second place: Architecture Club $100.00
  • Third place: Commercial Club $50.00

Salazar said, “I want to make sure the campus was aware of our veteran’s ceremony and we wanted to have our veteran’s week.

“We had the tug of war competition so we could have our ceremonies as well as our veterans week, we thought [the event was a] success and we are glad the clubs came out and supported our club.”

He continued, “Veterans thank you for your service and we are here to serve you and we just want to acknowledge all our veterans on campus and we are here for them thank you for your service,” Salazar said.

The tug of war had 14 club teams:

1. VRC

2. Astronomy Club

3. Math Club

4. Architecture & Technology Club

5. Anthropology Club

6. Kabarkada Club

7. Accounting Club

8. Phi Theta Kappa

9. Commercial Music Club

10. Anxiety Gaming

11. Phi Theta Kappa

12. iFalcon Club

13. The Creative Writer’s Club

14. Puente Club

Secretary Henry Rogel, President of the Student’s Veterans Club Enrique I Rueda, and Vice President Gaylen Currie, were present with many other veterans who were enjoying this first-time tug of war event and are hoping there will be more here on campus.

IMG_1212 900x600.jpg
Area 1 Board of Trustee member Bob Arthur congratulating Puente club for wining first place in the tug a war event put together by the Veteran Resource Center on Monday Nov.7, Arthur sponsored the event. First place $150.00 prize was won by Puente Club, second place $100.00 prize was won Architecture Club, and the third place $50.00 prize was won by the Commercial Club.