Thoughts on Donald Trump becoming America’s President-elect

Emily Venegas, teaching major- “I come from a family of immigrants, so it hurt me that he won. I don’t like the idea of him being president and I feel like his presidency years are going to be hell.”

Karina Rubio, biology major- “Well, this election turned out to be a real disappointment to me because I am a Latina. It’s not the fact that he won, it is the fact that people who voted for him are a bit aggressive. They don’t understand what we’ve been through and everything that they say about that is not necessarily true. I truly believe that the reason that he won is not because a lot of people voted him, there are also a lot of sexists out there who don’t want Hillary or a woman to be president. If Trump was running against another male, the other opponent would have won.”

Donald Uti, culinary arts major- “I feel like as a gay person and as a black person, I was sad. I felt like ‘ok what does that mean? Would I go back to my country? Will people treat me differently because I am gay now that he is president?'”

Capone Walker, theater major- “It’s a bittersweet feeling in a sense because you don’t know what is going to happen. You know we have sexism and homophobia and things of that sort, so it’s kind of like a gamble. You can’t really make a judgement like that. I feel that for the next four years we just have to have our fingers crossed and hope that love and something positive comes out.”

Hans Magdaleno, political science major- “It’s surprising but they were both bad candidates in the first place. I guess because he has very little political experience in general. If he has ambition he’ll get good at it real quick, he may end up being a good president if he has ambition and wants to learn.”

Juan Serrano, geography major- “It’s definitely bs. Apparently not a lot of Hillary supporters actually went out or maybe Trump supporters did out win, which is bs. That just means a lot of people inherently, they agree with Trump. This racism and bigotry, but is that what we deserve? That’s what we get America. We’re going to have to put up with it for the next four years.”

Aaron Prevost, fine arts major- “You see these campuses, how all these students are protesting because they don’t want Trump to take the rights of our friends and family, for being gay or because they happen to be an immigrant. It’s scary. We just got some rights in, gay marriage was just legalized and now Trump wants to take it away, it’s just not right.”

Laila Saab, undecided major “Aside from him being pretty much sexist and racist and a bigot, and all those. I feel like no matter what the choice was going to be, it was still going to be just as bad, that just because Trump is a little more vocal than Hillary on these things, doesn’t make her the lesser of two evils, cause I feel like they both have the same agendas, wars are still going to be going on. He’s just more vocal about immigration and terrorism and all that stuff, she pretty much feels the same way, she just doesn’t say it, she sugarcoats it, so either way it would have been the same thing to me. If you’re asking me if it’s him versus Sanders, it would have been completely different. I feel like Sanders has a completely different point of view. The word fear doesn’t cross my mind because I know that we live in a time where media is not as powerful as it used to be. People now see more, they interact more, so they meet different kinds of people, so the word fear, terrorizing, I’m not scared, it doesn’t affect me at all.”

Jesus Franco, mechanical engineer major, “I find it completely [expletive], Hillary won by popular vote, Trump won by electoral vote, so it’s kind of messing with your mind a bit, and for the future it upholds. I’m not quite sure, I’m very curious how he’s going to do the wall thing, even though I’m against it, I’m curious how that’s going to impact the rest of us. I don’t know if he’s going to search us or anything. Honestly, he’s not fit to be president, he’s like a white man’s voice, he’s every republican’s deep inside voice, like secrets they want to say but cannot say. I didn’t trust Hillary either, but I know she’s better than Trump obviously, but she was toward helping college students like myself. So how I see Donald Trump as president, I’m honestly afraid.”

Darious Cambron, paralegal major, “It’s not what I expected to have a (explicit) cheeto for a president, people are tripping way too much, they’re making these nightmare scenarios that this is going to be the next Nazi Germany. They just have to wait another four years, because I don’t think anybody is going to take him seriously, not even his own party, so I’m just looking forward to the next four years, until the next election, until we have a better choice, because I didn’t like either candidate, I guess I have to be hopeful.”

Saul Rodriguez, business major “I don’t like I really don’t, I really don’t like it because he’s supposedly a real estate type of person because the business that he has it was as success like Hotels, and other real estate land that he owns, but everything else that he has like Trump Airlines, Trump Airport all were bankrupt let say all his things were bankrupt. I really don’t trust him in the money aspect. As for him running the nation I mean we can’t do much now. I honestly don’t know what to expect from him. Throughout his running none of his policies were really put out there now that he is being elected a lot is coming out.

Leslie Ramos, accounting major, “I am actually really disappointed, but it’s something that happened and we can’t do much about it now. I’m just expecting the best out of things.”

Jose Gonzales, criminal justice major, “We should have thought better. Hillary Clinton deserved to win. Let’s see how things go on.”

Andrew Fernandez, graphic design major, “Honestly I’m not happy with the election, but I am willing to give him equal chance even though he may a true [expletive] doesn’t mean I have to be a [expletive]. I am going to stick to my morals to the very end.

Ashly Martinez, medical field, “I feel really disappointed. I am coming from a family full of Latinos. My parents being Latinos, being born in Mexico and having to struggle to come over here. It is really disappointed that everybody is like so against us, but hopefully I don’t know we will see how it turns out.”

Alexis Ayala, business major, “I wasn’t surprised, scandals on both candidates. What does worry me is racism spreading across the nation and violence, that’s the only thing that concerns me.”

Isaac Simons-Araya, theater arts major, “My whole family sat and cried together [be]cause we felt really passionate about that. We thought about the sociological implications of what people feel is now acceptable and how they feel it’s okay to express their hatred on other people because it has been led by example. I feel now is the time to do what you do, especially at a college. If you are studying politics, now is the time to use that, if you are studying art like I am, now is the time to be an artist. Something I feel really passionately about, is if you look at any kind of political revolution or like crisis, it has always been a time when artists have spoken and done what they do. They have also been the first ones to disappear in any situation because they speak the truth and I think right now is the time to speak your truth, whatever that may be, as long as you are in an environment where you can safely do so.”

Francisco Naranjo, computer information sciences, “I was very disappointed in America throughout his whole campaign he said a lot of things that offended a lot of people, so I don’t see how he was elected as president when he offended so many people that also had their own voice in America. I just don’t understand how he won [the election].”

Nathaniel Woodson, theater-arts major, “It was a shocker but I kind of already knew that he was [going to] become president because the people that he gravitated toward, he kind of fed the ignorance, so I kind of knew that he was going to overcome in the end. It’s kind of sad but true- it was pretty shocking. God help us.

Henry Garcia, engineering design major, “I didn’t really care [because] [expletive] is always going to happen, and we should just see what happens and hope for the beset because we are not [going to] know what he is going to do, like how Obama did, so we might give him a try.”