Phi Beta Lambda adviser nominates members for hard work


Jenny Gonzalez

Pictured from left to right: Giovanni Ruiz, Jorge Ramos, Cesar Garcia, Jose Trejo, Gilberto Cuevas. The team celebrate Ruiz’s performance as Mr. PBL, where the contestants have to showcase thier talents. Photo credit: Jenny Gonzalez

Chantal Romero and Jenny Gonzalez

What do you think when you hear Phi Beta Lambda? Contrary to popular believe it is not a fraternity. Phi Beta Lambda is known as the business club on campus.

PBL is one the most active clubs on campus and currently holds the record for being the club which has attended the greatest amount of conferences.

Although the club has been active since then, times weren’t always smooth. “In the 1990s (1992-1995) California PBL nearly became defunct, yet Cerritos College Professor Hy Finkelstein held the spring and fall conferences here […] until the national PBL site retained the services of Glenn Morris.”

These conferences offer the delegates to experience a life-case scenario in a more realistic way that has them compete in delivering a business pitch.

According to PBL Club Adviser Jerry Ramos, PBL is the second oldest club at Cerritos College dating back to the 1960s.

The following members were nominated by Ramos for various reasons.

Ramos nominated Cesar Garcia, current PBL president because he “defines student success and he sees challenges as opportunities to excel. [He] stands out because has a hunger for success…”

Ramos believes that Garcia has “climbed the PBL hierarchy in record time.”

Garcia joined PBL in 2015 (fall semester). He was nominated for Vice-President in spring 2016.

Garcia stated, “As president, I have a commitment to deliver an experience beyond expectations and needs of our members and officers. The well being of this organization means everything to me. It has changed my life in ways words cannot describe.”

Ramos adds, “…[Garcia] has the rare ability to communicate effectively to motivate his 12 officers to perform at a high caliber level. Cesar is a natural born leader [in] PBL conferences as well as his day-to-day PBL duties…”

Ramos also nominated Raven Gomez. She currently holds the PBL Director of Membership Retention position. He nominated Gomez because, “[she] shines brighter that the brightest star and has a joyful enthusiasm that motivates others to be their best.

“Gomez joined PBL in spring of 2016 and… made it her quest to become an officer and to help others. Last week, I complemented her by saying she is the “glue holding the club together” yet it was an understatement. [She] gives so much of her time to help members and non-members experience the benefits of PBL… and she voluntarily steps in in the absence of other officers. She has stepped in as treasurer and events coordinator and has a natural ability to rally those around her.”

Gomez stated, “I appreciate being nominated because I have been giving my all into this club. I have done what I can to build a stronger organization because I honestly care about this club.”

Dhanraj Patel was also nominated. He holds the current Events Coordinator position.

Ramos stated, “[Patel] has a ‘can do’ attitude and has coordinated the most activities this single semester than any predecessors. [He] has a diplomatic, yet professional powerful presence to “rally” officers & members to come together for fundraising, networking, collaborating with other colleges, and bringing awareness to important causes.”

The following events were coordinated by Patel in fall 2016:

  • Two Campus fundraisers to raise funds for the March of Dimes non-profit. Total Funds raised was $1,024.55. A check was written California PBL to be given to March of Dimes officials in November.
  • Both the STEM event held on campus and ComicCon in Long Beach hosted a booth and had a Mathematical/statistics based “super hero” activity in September.
  • Bowling with Cal State University Fullerton PBL chapter
  • ASCC Float building & homecoming in October.

“PBL is like my family and job so that is the reason I am able to put in hard work,” Patel said.

Ramos also nominated Melody Garcia who has been a member since fall 2016.

Ramos adds, “Melody is on fire…in a good way. [She] has embraced PBL from the start of the semester and has participated [in] almost every organized PBL event on and off campus.

Melody Garcia helped build the PBL homecoming float, volunteered for six hours at the STEM event and attended the State Fall Business Leadership Conference.

Melody said, “I think I would have been nominated because of my attendance to many events that PBL [hosts]. I do try my best to make time… and I am very social and energetic.”

PBL History

PBL has been successful competing at the national level. These competitions usually begin with 50-100 contestants. Within this last summer at the national conference, Cerritos College PBL chapter placed within the top ten in the five following categories:

  • 3rd Place Networking Concepts
  • 8th Place Helpdesk
  • 8th Place Financial Analysis
  • 8th Place Impromptu Speaking
  • 10th Place Marketing

Delegates compete with other chapters from across the nation, which include other community colleges and four-year universities.

The club doesn’t only attend conferences and compete in subjects pertaining to business; they also attempt to involve the community by fundraising for charity, providing financial awareness, and advocating for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (STEM)

Ramos has provided the following data of past events that PBL has held within the last year:

  • Raising funds for causes (March of Dimes, Raised $1,024.55 November 2016)
  • High School Senior Preview Day. Encourage high school students to further their education (spring semesters)
  • ComicCon Long Beach: Helped youngsters (high school age) apply Mathematics/statistics to discovering their favorite superhero Mathematical strength value. (fall 2016)
  • STEM Event: Helped youngsters (Jr. High/Middle school age) apply Mathematics/statistics to discover their favorite superhero Mathematical strength value. (fall 2016)
  • Local beach clean ups (varies)

Ramos encourages students to join because he believes that “PBL offers skill sets that enrich career and academic opportunities. Students should join in order to foster leadership skills, acquire professional networking tips, to help others and to inspire members to be their best.”