College students are the real expert jugglers

Dennis Osorio

Life as a student comes along with a lot of responsibilities.

It’s a balancing act of keeping up to date with classes, work and a social life.

People can get torn between trying to live a normal college student lifestyle, building new relationships and of course getting the best out of this phase in life.

Many students are caught up in the moment when they attend college, many tend to stress out and there’s some that actually become depressed due to the demanding duties that come along with being a college student.

College students have an inclination towards hanging out with their friends just to get away from their daily life and the stresses of school and work.

Chris Hipolito, kinesiology major with emphasis on physical therapy, also agrees that school is very important and that it could be stressful at times.

“I always make sure that my social life doesn’t interfere with my school. I usually plan things ahead of time so plans with friends won’t conflict with homework or an exam,” he said.

He believes that having a social life is beneficial to a student’s life but that it could hurt our finances as young adults trying to keep up with society’s expectations.

So he knows how to work it out by going to happy hour places like Los Compadres in Norwalk, saving money while having a blast.

“I also like going to eat to The Pan in Gardena, their whole menu is bomb,” Hipolito added.

Other students like to keep it low-key and have their coffee shop of preference, or as many do they visit new foodie-trendy places every time they go out.

Marketing major Ashira Provos, whose schedule requires her to stay on-campus all day, says that In-N-Out Burger is the best hang out place by the college.

Also, she is one of the many students at Cerritos College that believes that time management is crucial for a successful career.

“Having time-blocks, having a schedule where I block out days were I study and some days like Friday where I can do whatever I want, like styling,” Ashira said.

On the other hand, graphic design major, Kitty Zhang belongs to the group of students who go out first and leave everything to the last day.

“I don’t actually manage my time well, I will always leave the last day to stay in my house and not go out and actually it works well for me,” she shared.

She also said that for this semester she worked out her schedule in order to manage her time more efficiently by having classes in the morning and having the rest of her day to do homework, and go out.

One of her favorite hangout places is located in Koreatown in LA where she goes in search of Uni pasta and oysters at EMC Seafood & Raw Bar.

Also, whenever she wants something sweet for the palate she goes to Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena. “It’s actually a steak house, but the steak is okay. Their dessert; the lemon soufflé, is super bomb, because other places usually do chocolate soufflé and here they do lemon, which is super good!,” Kitty stated.

At the end of the day, having a social life is a key component for students to be successful and be able to clear their minds from the stress of work and college classes.