Event marks the start of Black History Month

David Jenkins, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As students come back from a four day weekend, a tribute was paid to Martin Luther King Jr. on-stage at the Student Center Jan. 18.

There were drummers, dancing, food and a short lecture by both Dr. Anthony Lee and Professor Damon Cagnolatti on the importance of what MLK did and spoke of.

“An unbelievably successful event,” Dr. Lee said.

He continued, “It was a very difficult room, a lot of people eating and talking [but] they did it. They over came all that. They got everybody involved. It was a great success.”

“They” being the three performers of the event. Coming all the way from Africa were Thiane Diouf, Baye Diouf and Daunte Fyall, they were able to get 30-40 people on to the stage and got everyone to dance.

Among those dancing on stage was Cerritos College counselor Sheela Hoyle.

She said, “I had a great time, it was a remarkable event in honor of Martin Luther King and to remember him and his vision and his legacy.

“Also, commemorating the black history events which are going to take place in the month of February. All students, faculty and staff all participated and it was an awesome event.”

Psychology and medicine major, Tenia Cunningham, attended the show and was really satisfied with how it went.

“The event was amazing. The interacting of everybody. Just the program itself, it was interesting and leadership wise. It was really good. I had a lot of fun, we as people should be like this all the time,” she said.

While there was much dancing and interaction, there was also the serious note to the event. Dr. Lee being of age to remember when MLK marched in Washington and having an impact on both the black and white communities.

Director of College Relations, Miya Walker, believes people walked away with the main message in mind.

“I believe people walked away feeling inspired and hopefully learned something new that they didn’t know about Dr. King and about African culture and African-American culture,” she said.

Walker hopes that more people will come out to other Black History month events that will take place all through out February.

(left to right) Baye Balle Diouf, Daunte Fyall and Thiane Diouf starting off the event with a performance. This event signified the start of Black History Month.