Students talk about Financial Aid

Dennis Osorio

A college career is the next step a student usually takes after concluding with high school in order to pursue a career of their interest and preference or to further their education.

How am I supposed to afford college if my family can’t pay it for me? Should I just enroll in the military? These are just some of the many questions students ask themselves through this period of time.

Well, due to a great federal system that helps students follow their dreams, these can be eligible for Financial Aid to cover their education expenses.

The Free Application Federal Student Aid is a form that students apply for every year in the United States in order to receive financial aid based on eligibility and financial status.

The student’s eligibility determines if the student can only receive a fee waiver which only pays for classes or the full amount which helps students with actual money to pay for school supplies such as books, rent, transportation, and other expenses.

Cerritos College animal science major Jaelene Rodriguez, is one of the many students on campus that only receives the fee waiver to pay for her classes.

She said, “I know other students get money for their books too, they get more, so they have it better and it definitely helps.”

Rodriguez also said that, FAFSA has a negative side since in her case, only receiving the fee waiver means that she has to pay for her books and supplies with her own money.

“Some of them are pretty high, for used textbooks is like $90 and for brand new ones is even more,” she said.

Rayce Williams, communications major, also agrees the aid that students receive is very beneficial since it helps him out with plenty of expenses such as grocery shopping or paying bills at home.

He also agreed that he sometimes uses his FAFSA money to go out shopping or on things that are not school related, such as tattoos.

He also said that FAFSA has negative sides that could be a drawback for students.

“How slow it is before we students get it, how the way the disbursement system is, it needs to be faster,” Williams stated.

There are also students who are not eligible to receive financial aid and have to pay their college expenses with their own money.

Paola Buenrostro, Education major, is one student that does not receive any financial aid.

She believes that it benefits students a lot and it works as motivation to do well in classes.

“I know that if a student passes all their classes they receive it,” Buenrostro said.