Doctor discusses view on President Trump’s ban

Lizette Sainz

During the speeches from the president Trump he has mentioned numerous times he wants to ban the international people who are coming into the United States, to prevent a hire alert on terrorism attacks and to preserve America more safe.

That includes a ban on international people who are working or studying in the medical field.

Dr. Amit Bhakta, 40, was born in the city of Anaheim CA, he got into the dentist industry because he enjoyed working with his aunt, working and helping people was the perfect combination for him.

“In my political point of view, I pretty center, I’m social media globe, circuit conservative, in terms of Trump policies on immigration and on the ban, I’m definitely against it.

“I understand he wants to put the safety of America first, but the way his doing it is completely incorrect. There’re people who have been living here for a very long time, and to outputting them a lot of people will lose their jobs and their homes is a terrible thing in my opinion,” he said.

“The outturn health system it is fraud he has some ideas that are out of restricted, but I think the policy we have now is pretty humanity. He wants to halt about 20 million people from health insurance, I don’t agree with that.

“The way we have now the Obama Care I think it works okay, definitely including people especially doctors, out cal. provider’s, nurse’s, losing their job is a terrible thing, it shouldn’t be done. They are not terrorist; they’re here to help people, “Bahkta continued.

“I think the Trump is very short sided, very limited in thinking, his very black and white without any experienced, and his kind of learning on the job, but his not learning quick enough because we don’t have time for him to learn,” he concluded.

Bhakta enrolled at UCLA, earning a degree in Neuroscience. He graduated with honors from Tufts University School of Dental Medical in 2004.

To further develop his aesthetic skills, he completed a cosmetic residency from USC in 2005; He start it practicing in the city of Downey in 2009.

Stephany Elizabeth Aceves, office manager, she’s been working for almost four years with Dr. Bhakta.

“Dr. Bhakta and I don’t really have any type of political conversations, but he honestly seems to the same since President Donald Trump took position at the white house,” Aceves said.

She proceeds saying she doesn’t care for president Trump, she voted for Bernie Sanders.

“It shows how much racism is affecting our country, I don’t personally have any family member […] in the Middle East, I understand president Trump wants to protect our country, but what about the people who are good and are in danger from the war in their country.

“They have no control, they need our help, and it’s said that just because they are associated with a certain country they are being turned away when all they want is to be safe,” she said.

Aceves also commented she think’s everyone should be given the chance to live free and not to worry in when the next bomb is going to hit us.

That if that means moving to a different country to be safe […] then why we should we close the doors on people who honestly are reaching for our help to feel safe in their everyday life.