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Cerritos College clubs gather for Club Info Day

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Cerritos College had its bi-annual club info day on Wed. Sept. 6: an event consisting of the clubs at Cerritos College, club members and advisers.

The clubs set up booths near the College Bookstore and began to inform students about the clubs that the school has to offer.

The members and advisers dedicated three hours of their time for the event.

One club that present was the Gender Equality Club.

The Gender Equality Club Adviser Pauline Acosta said the club focuses on “race, class, gender and sexuality,” among other social topics.

Acosta also mentioned that the club currently has “more male members” than female members.

She said that the club was able to acquire donated menstrual products last semester and they gave them away to students for free.

The club is hoping to make the menstrual products drive an annual event starting next semester.

Jairo Chavez, a sociology major, also talked about the club that he is a member of, saying one “can be any major” and the club will still be beneficial for them.

Brandy Hernandez, a child development major and member of the Gender Equality Club, was walking around nearby with flyers when she stopped to describe the club as one that focuses on “topics that people don’t want to talk about,” some with regards to people that identify as transgender.

Hernandez also mentioned that the club wants to “make life easier on people who identify as transgender,” by making it normalizing people who identify as a transgender to be able to use the restroom they feel comfortable in.

Another club in attendance was the Hope Love Peace and Positivity Club (HLP, with the “P” standing for two words instead of one).

This club is all about promoting the meanings behind the four words that their name.

Their message is to spread those elements throughout the entire campus as they “hope to get the community involved”, says Kodi Okafor, a biology major who was working the HLP booth.

Okafor also said they have “free hug days,” in which members of the club set up a booth on campus and give people free hugs.

She said the idea of “a free hug seems like something so simple, yet it can have a big impact on people. Last semester we had so many students say that they’ve been having a bad day and the free hug made them feel better.”

HLP will be having a poetry slam on Sept. 18 at 4-6:30 p.m., which will be held on campus.

WPMD radio, which some may know as the school’s radio network had a booth at the club info day.

Although, WPMD is the school’s official radio platform, they “broadcast worldwide,” Jalil Rashad-Norman, a film and television major explained.

They cover a wide range of topics including: sports, KPOP, current events, and politics.

The radio club also conducts live shows, they were actually doing a live radio broadcast during the club info day.

Rashad-Norman said that the club teaches members how to work in radio.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Cerritos College clubs gather for Club Info Day