Students grouped according to personality at Career Cafe


Counselor Tracy Ukita goes over six main groupings. Career Cafe happens once a month. Photo credit: Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson

Counselors Tracy Ukita, Shannon Estrada and Rose Vasquez hosted Career Cafe for students.

The meeting took place on Oct. 30th and only four students attended.

Ukita went over the classification system by John Holland, which has six main groupings.

The six groups are:

  • Realistic: People who work with hands, tools and other machinery; and value concrete over abstract and common sense
  • Investigative: People who solve problems, gather information and are curious and logical
  • Artistic: People who are creative with certain work such as art and music and values beauty, creativity and self-expression
  • Social: People who are friendly and cooperative and like to work with and help people, demonstrating teamwork
  • Enterprising: People who take the leadership role; are ambitious, persuasive and values success
  • Conventional: People who are organized and efficient, value following directions in order and setting up practical procedures

She went over different types of careers, her experiences and the opportunities that came along with her occupation.

Counselor Clara Ross-Jones explained how she was a lawyer but changed her mind and became a counselor, which she emphasized that it took time and hard work to get to where she is as of now.

Students and the other counselors discussed topics such as climate change, time change and plans for the holidays and the new year.

Toward the end, an assessment and occupation finder booklet was passed out to students, listing different types of occupations that are provided and competencies as well.

Ukita said, “I thought it went well, It was a lot of great energy, good conversation and snacks.”

Jose Yat, kinesiology major, said, “I feel like it was very informative for self-exploration and awareness for your own capabilities and I feel like the student body underlies the career time. A lot of students would benefit from coming here.”

He also mentioned that students should make time to attend this event so they can learn more about themselves.

There will be another Career Cafe on Nov. 30 at the same time in the same room.