Students learn about the basics of coding


Victor Campos, vice president of engineering at Sabio, explained to the student the different perspectives about coding. There will be three more coding workshops only on Tuesdays. Photo credit: Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson

Software engineers Dahara Patet and Carlos Ayala-Gonzalez, hosted a coding workshop that went over different types of coding on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

They explained that Sabio is a coding program that has certain qualifications.

These qualifications include students needing to be over the age of 18 and the need to pay their tuition on time.

Sabio trains people from three to six months on how to code from a software development program from the very beginning through a college and the basics of coding.

They went over the basics of web development, web designing that deals with presentation elements and code languages that are paramount to web development such as:

  • Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML) — a document structure is already provided for text based communication with different levels of formatting, reading and body text
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) — a simple method for adding style in order to have a consistent look. There are different types of CSS such as internal and external styles and instill. The engineers also mentioned that CSS syntax consist of three parts : selector, property and value.

Towards the end, students were given a shirt for attending the workshop.

Cesar Rodriguez, a computer science major, said that “it was good for beginners as an introductory course for coding HTML.”

He added that he thought they were going to teach him based off the presentation but it gave him an opportunity to learn on his own by being able to practice on the computer.

Victor Campos, vice president of engineering at Sabio, said, “It’s a great introductory course for web development and it’s a great way to build a solid foundation on the basics of web development.”

He mentioned that everyone who came asked a lot of questions and he wished that there was more sites other than to work with but it was a great way for people to do free learning and get a better understanding than going through the process alone.

Kim Tan, a psychology major, said, “It gives me more information about coding and about the university the engineers learned how to code.

Software engineer Carlos Ayala-Gonzalez said, “I think the workshop went pretty well. It’s like a trip back in time when I started learning how to code because it introduces the world of development to people who haven’t been exposed to it.”

He mentioned that coding brings a perspective for him when he first started learning how to code and did not have any idea on how to do it.

There will be another coding workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at the same time and building.