Veterans Appreciation Day held by Veterans Resources Center


Kemberly Enriquez trying on army gear with the permission of the veterans. Enriquez and the Homecoming Queen Jazmine Jose were taking pictures wearing the gear. Photo credit: David Jenkins

David Jenkins

Students and staff came together outside the Veterans Resources Center to show their appreciation for their service.

On Nov. 8, Veterans Appreciation Day took place; where different departments came and showed gratitude for the service of student veterans.

The cosmetologists came and provided free hair cuts to our veterans

The Health and Wellness Center came and provided them with free flu shots.

Northwood University was there passing out fliers and the Financial aid program was there to provide information.

Homecoming Queen Jazmine Jose attended the event in support of the veterans.

Jose who was able to get their backing and support during her campaign for homing queen.

“I’m always here to support them,” she said, “I wish I would have helped set up the event but I had mid-terms this week.”

She was offered a hair cut by the cosmologist and decided to get her tips trimmed.

Students came by and were trying on suitable army gear to take pictures.

‘It’s all been good, we set up in the right spots each time because here have a lot of foot traffic here [at the Veterans Resource Center] so students have been stopping by and asking questions, talking to different veterans,” said veteran Christopher Elder.

“I’ve been here for three years and this is the first time I’ve seen [Veterans Appreciation Day] to this scale. Normally we’re known for the veterans ball that we have, that everyone wants to go to, so it’s a lot better this year,” he said.

Jose, who although is homecoming queen feels she is just like any other student spoke of her love for veterans.

“I believe they do their job very well protecting our country for us to even go to school and for us to even go to sleep at night peacefully while they’re out there fighting wars,” she said.