Happiest Place on Earth comes to Cerritos College


Jackelynn Martinez

Jennifer Arenas, guest speaker, talks to students about the Disney College Program and ways to apply. The Disney College Program gives students the opportunity to have hands on experience in one of their parks.

Jackelynn Martinez

Cerritos College students who were interested in learning about applying for the Disney College Program were able to do so in a workshop presented by Clara Ross-Jones, career counselor and Jennifer Arenas, guest speaker, on Feb.15.

Students learned about opportunities and requirements to apply to the Disney College Program.

Ross-Jones, said, “I am a big advocate that you must begin in building your resume. We can no longer just graduate with a degree in hand, you have to have work experience in parallel to the career that we are thinking about.”

The program is a four-to-seven month internship made of three different components:

· Living- housing

· Learning- gives opportunities to connect with Disney executives, take workshops, seminars, expand knowledge and expand your network.

· Earning- internship that pays, different job opportunities at the parks.

To be eligible the minimum requirements are that, you must be 18-years of age, currently enrolled and in good standing, completed at least one college level course successfully, 2.5 GPA and attend a credited college or university.

Students get to choose where they want to do their internship whether it’s in Anaheim, CA. or in Orlando, FL. Once you pick a location, you cannot change it.

Arenas experienced the program herself in Florida and shared her experience at the workshop.

Arenas said, “at the time I wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company and one of their segments, I figured it would be a good way to get my foot in the door. As you start going through your undergraduate degree you’ll start to realize that a lot of your opportunities are gonna come from the people you know.”

She added, “I chose Florida because one my friends was encouraging me; it was a lot of fun, it was like going away for college. Choosing to go to Florida was like going away, like actually going away for college and getting that distance from that family and friends and starting of new and getting to meet new people.”

First step to apply to this program is to, submit an online application through the website .

Ross-Jones said, “Disney College Program gives you the opportunity to advance your skills, your interest, your strengths. You get to meet cast members from all over. Building your network base, they’re opportunities to grow.”

Second step is the deal breaker that is where the web-based interview takes place, it takes about 35-40 min. with 100+ questions based on strongly like to strongly dislike. Students must be really focused when answering these questions to go on to the next steps.

Step three is the actual one-on-one phone interview, it takes about 15-20 min. about seven to eight questions with one of the recruiters. It’s a lot of behavioral and performance based questions.

After the phone interview students can receive three things within the following weeks:

· An offer from the company

· A pending status

· A no longer allowed to proceed in the process notice

Vianey Perez, psychology major, was one of the many students to attend the workshop and is considering on applying.

Perez said, “I really want to work for Disney, I had applied before but it didn’t work out. So I thought I’d come to this workshop to better result me.”

She added, “this was very informing, it got me excited I just don’t want to get my hopes up. It sounds fun.”

Floyed Bell, business major, is also interested in applying for the program and is very excited.

His friend informed him about the Disney program, Bell said, “It sounds cool so I decided to come and now I know what’s like going on. I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store.”

Emely Ruezga, business major, saw the flyer so she decided to attend the workshop. It caught her attention since she really likes Disneyland. She said very helpful information was given.

“I’m considering on going to Florida, it’ll be something different. I will learn a lot from it. I’m very attached to my family I have never gone far by myself; so I’m like maybe it’ll kinda help me find myself.” Ruezga said.

The deadline to apply for the Disney College Program is on March 23.