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Talon Marks

The secrets behind the Getty Center

Lizette Sainz

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There might be more to the Getty Center than people know; behind an impeccable image and a highly sophisticated valuable collection of hundred of historical paintings; there might be a city beneath it.

One of the Getty’s many visitor was Jonathan Michael Ray Summers who came from the city of Riverside, had a different view of the museum.

Summers said he has done a lot of research on the Getty, from when it was build and how it was build.

“My visit here is personal, there’s a lot that the people don’t know and deserved to know the good and bad about this place.

“This is breaking news, the elite people, ‘the cavers’ is how they called themselves are the millionaire who have an opportunity to buy a condo underground,” he said.

He proceeds, “There’s a government living underground, they don’t want media to know about them.

“They don’t want questions and to prove there’s no such called “tube” that get’s you to the underground city.”

Summers, claims there’s a city built underneath the Getty, which has an incredible amount of valuable paintings that are protected and preserved.

“Regular people like you and I and the people you see around here with their children running around, don’t have a minimum chance for refuge underground.

“Not everyone would agree and believe, [that] would be the people’s own prerogative. That is why it is crucial to make a practical strategy in why this information should matter to the society,” he concluded.

Professor Lisa Boutin Vitela, Professor in the Arts & Design Department at Cerritos College said, “I’m unaware of these claims, but I would say that the Getty Museum, Foundation, and Research Institute have been very positive for Southern California.”

She continued, “On a personal note, when I was a graduate student, I wrote my dissertation at the Getty Research Institute, and I still use the library for research and writing.”

James MacDevitt, director/curator of the Cerritos College Art Gallery said, there are large vaults and libraries at the Getty that are not available to the public access.

Similar to the Getty Museum, the Cerritos Art Gallery keeps its permanent collection in a vault, that the public does not have access to. At various points, the art can be pulled out for exhibition.

MacDevitt mentioned, The Getty is a gigantic institution, it definitely has storage facilities where it is holding objects that never see the light of day.

Politics are around and play a role in Art Gallery Museums in what art is displayed and what is not.

For example MacDevitt mentioned a controversy at, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

“Moca just put on display the work of Carl Andre, a sculpture from the 60s and 70s,” MacDevitt said.

The controversy is that Andrew may have been involved in the death of his is wife, artist Ana Mendieta, there was public outcry saying there shouldn’t be an exhibition because he might be a murder.

Furthermore, Andrew’s wife’s works have never been a part of an exhibition, even tho Moca has a large collection of her work in their storage facility.

As for Summers theory about the Getty, he used the internet site INFOWARS and author Steven D. Kelly as sources in his research.

Kelley is the author of Cities Under the Plain, in which he discusses the Getty.

He supports the claim that there is a city underneath the Getty



The reporter Lee Ann Mcadoo and Millie Weaver have their own YouTube show with other colleagues named, INFOWARS, one of the shows talks about a satanic groups manuscripts groups that involves Jean Paul Getty with Hollywood celebrities and a secret library at The Getty Center in Los Angeles.




Vitela said she was not familiar with Steven D. Kelley and INFOWARS journalist’s team or their theory, but she stated that the Getty does have a significant medieval and Renaissance manuscript collection.

As far as the Getty Museum controversy of an underground city, MacDevitt said, there are tunnels underneath the Getty for sure, if they take you to the hypothetical city build underneath, until he sees it, he will believed it.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
The secrets behind the Getty Center