Bianca Bitches: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, what it means to me


Photo credit: Carlos Ruiz & Carlos Martinez

Bianca Martinez

Okay, ladies, with graduation and summer job opportunities right around the corner it’s time to start sending in those applications and prepping for interviews.

Unfortunately, with microaggression and machismo still being a thing, it will always be a little harder for us to get the respectable titles we naturally deserve and work hard for when applying for a job or trying to get ahead in our preferred career.

It’s time to really give these self-entitled bastards a run for their money and show them that we can handle our own hands-down and level the playing field.


Remember you are capable of anything as long as you have the appropriate amount of confidence and self-esteem. People take note of confidence. Exude it. Even if you are not entirely confident at the moment, don’t make it obvious, focus on boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.


Take pride in the way you look and devote some time to maintaining your appearance. However, this doesn’t mean you have to feel inclined to show some titties just to get ahead, you don’t have to show boobs to show that you are a bad-ass. Remember, dress for the job that you want, unless you want to be a showgirl, in that case flaunt it. If people see that you are taking pride in who are as a person, then they will realize that you will take that same pride and transfer into your work.

Be unapologetically you

Throughout the course of your career there will always be less than a handful of people who have some type of problem with you but let me tell you something, honey, unless you know for a fact that you don’t have a shitty attitude then it’s not you with the problem. Some people can not muster the same amount of motivation and determination as you can so instead on improving on themselves, they will try anything in their power to derail.

Do not be passive

You are in charge of how far you will ultimately get in life, but you won’t get far if you don’t care. Passive people do not succeed because they are fine being stagnant.

Work hard

Show employers that you are determined and passionate about your job by working hard. Being a hard worker greatly increases the chances of promotions.

Refrain from mediocrity

Name a boring, successful person. Exactly. Let your uniqueness shine. People are naturally attracted to those who are bright and vibrant so shamelessly be the creative that you are. Businesses are always looking for applicants with fresh ideas.

Stress management

you should work hard to achieve your goals but that doesn’t mean that you should burn out in the process. Remember to take time for yourself every once in a while and practice self-care because as much as you want to succeed in your career it’s not worth getting high blood pressure over.

Command respect

It’s easy to command respect if it’s in your character. Appearance, confidence and personality are all keys in commanding respect from colleagues. People will walk all over you, if you don’t command the respect you deserve. Last time I checked women don’t have the word “welcome” branded on their forehead. Work on commanding respect because this step will always be hard in the social climate we are currently living in.

It has long been overdue to show employers and male dominated fields that women are equal and can work just as hard and be just as motivated.