Tech Talks: 2019 Samsung releases

Christopher Martinez, Sports Editor

The latest Samsung phone on tech nerd’s mind, the Galaxy Fold marked high at almost $2,000. If anyone is to buy this phone please note, people have tuition fees that could use some covering.

The phone which was revealed Feb. 20 2019 is set to be released to the public in April of 2019.

There have been phones in past years to offer the same exact fold feature such as the ZTE Axon M dual-screen phone which was released in 2017.

The Axon compared to the Galaxy fold was $1,730 cheaper priced at $250 and offered more features such as an extended mode, two apps running at once mode, mirror mode, two 5.2 inch displays making a 10.4 inch tablet compared to “the fold” consisting of the 7.3 inch tablet.

Along with being able to run three apps at once, Samsung seems to be copying some features that older, less-known phones had.

Where Samsung does steal the spotlight from the Axon from is in the camera, offering three cameras on the back, a 16-megapixel, ultra-wide camera, a 12 megapixel wide angle camera, as well as a telephoto camera on the back and a front facing 10-megapixel camera on the front for selfies.

This is the technologically advanced camera system in any smartphone and is considered high quality.

A down side that stood out from the release would be the protection that the phone has and that could be added onto.

Take a minute and think how much protection an iPhone needs. Now, add two screens and even more glass, not an ideal couple.

As of now, the phone is not that bulky but throw a case and most likely a very awkward screen protector and users could be in for a very monstrous phone.

Overall the price is outrageous for a product that has copied features from an older devices, but it is Samsung and they are good at selling products.

So, this product could sell a couple hundred units at release.

Samsung has released four new devices along with the fold at the start of 2019 including the Galaxy s10e with a 5.8 inch screen priced at $749, s10 with a 6.1 inch screen priced at $899, s10+ with a 6.4 inch screen priced at $999, 10s 5G with a 6.4 Inch screen not yet priced and the Galaxy fold.

Next is the Galaxy s10 5G. Mostly every network is running on a 4G network and the promise of being able to run 5G is true.

It is not what most people think of being able to run a minimum expectation is for download speeds of 10 gigabytes per second, more than 1000x faster than 4G and enabling an entire HD film to be downloaded in under 10 seconds.

Although this sounds amazing for a phone to perform this fast, it is limited to where they can’t travel as far; as lower frequency bands and they are not as good as passing through buildings so will be used in combination with lower frequencies to enable wide area 5G coverage.

Other than 5G issues which can be fixed within coming years the price of the phone has been set but can be guesstimated around the price as the s10 at $850.

The s10+ along with the other s10’s feature a whole new hole punch screen, unlike iPhones that have a notch Samsung is still on of the closes phones this year so far to release a true edge to edge screen filling almost the entire screen.

It is also first phones to have an under the screen fingerprint sensor; something iPhone has done away with since getting rid of the home button and only relying on their face ID.

Samsung has done some revolutionary things this year with adding a new phone to phone charging feature where you can use one phone to charge another by holding the backs together.

Samsung recently partnered with Fortnite and since then has highlighted their ability to play games on their devices.

This year have announced they have engineered hardware and software to enhance game play to give the minimalist lag as possible.

The s10’s feature the same cameras as “the fold” with an added smart camera feature which utilizes a pro assist that recognizes what you are looking at and can offer suggestions to help enhance that shot.

These new phones excluding the fold are a step up from last years phones, the new designs which Samsung changes every two years is a step in the right direction with the added camera features being a perfect addition.

The two new watches released along with the phones are nothing far from their predecessors offering faster speeds and better sensors there is not much of a difference besides a price drop they would be a nice addition to one of the new phones but not necessary if not already owned.