GOO GOO MUCK: What Ya Looking at? Punk.

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GOO GOO MUCK: What Ya Looking at? Punk.

Original artwork done by Anali Gomez (@aag_works)

Original artwork done by Anali Gomez (@aag_works)

Original artwork done by Anali Gomez (@aag_works)

Original artwork done by Anali Gomez (@aag_works)

Julissa Villalobos

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If you are reading this, I’m glad I have gotten your attention. My name is Julissa Villalobos and this is Goo Goo Muck, a newspaper column dedicated to well, you.

In Goo Goo Muck, we will be talking about everything, and I mean everything. BDSM, Furries, Japanese “Chicanos” and goths. Any sub-culture or community you can think of will be spoken of.

That being said, I would like to make it clear that this column will be a safe space. There will be no bashing of people’s interests, no judgment on how people like to dress and no unaccepting words toward anyone or any community.

So, love who you want to love, dress like any animal you want, and definitely do not give a fuck about what close minded people have to say.

On planet Earth, there are billions of unique people. Unique looking, unique dressing and with unique interests.

It took humanity till 1865 to give African American’s the right to vote, till 1920 to give women the right to vote, till 2015 to allow same-sex marriage and till today to realize that those milestones do not change the way people think or feel about the people within those communities.

In 2019, we are dealing with police brutality and the reality that women get paid less than men for the same job and the fact that people are still offended when they see same-sex couples living their life.

These subjects were brought up because beyond who people appear to be on the surface, I guarantee you there is always more to them. They have hobbies and secret desires and fantasies. That is where the heart of Goo Goo Muck lies.

There are so many communities out in the world to experience and be a part of. Going back to one of the four mentioned above, Furries, they receive so much hate on Twitter and other social media platforms. Because of this people judge those who label themselves as Furries without even knowing them.

Same goes for those who label themselves goth. The goth culture itself judges the people in their own community, when the goth community was built for people who felt like they did not belong in your average cookie-cutter community.

People receive enough judgment from those who lack an open mind and accepting heart, so Goo Goo Muck is here to create compassion and talk about the issues that plague various subcultures.

I love individuality and live for people who are unafraid to be their true, unfiltered selves.

Goo Goo Muck is on the hunt for people to be featured here on Talon Marks. We want to show you off and show the world the uniqueness that exists on the Cerritos College campus. Not only to create a more accepting and loving environment, but to also educate the student body on certain prejudices, or hopefully help a fellow misfit discover a community where they belong.

If you feel most comfortable being interviewed anonymously, your secret is safe with me baby.

Feel free to message me on Twitter, my twitter handle is @JulissaValerie or email me at [email protected]

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