iOS 13 could this be the one?

Christopher Martinez

Every year Apple releases either a new version of its software or an improved version. Last year, consumers saw iOS 12 and a new year has arrived. Consumers are treated to iOS 13, which is rumored to have features everyone everywhere cannot wait to use.

IOS 13 will be previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which is likely to take place at some point in June. Further update should be announced leading up to June.

These features are just, as of right now, rumors and leaks but they have been rumored by Apple and its affiliates. As well as developers already being able to run iOS 13.

These new features include a dark mode, live photo update, redesigned home screen, revamped files app, iPad tweaks, updated mail app, Cross-platform iOS and Mac apps and new emoji.

Dark mode is something everyone has been waiting for, there is something about having an all black user interface that catches the eye and makes it feel more sleek.

The Dark mode will most likely only run on Apple apps such as on Mac Sierra with a few third parties jumping on board.

Live photos is great for people who love a little extra something in their pictures. Apple plans on doubling the length of the video attached to the photo; taking it from three second to six.

Plans on redesigning the home screen is something the company hasn’t done since integrating the notch with the iPhone X.

The screen design has not been released to the public yet, but can be assumed things will be more compact due to the notch and compact to fit more notifications such as a battery percentage. Which is something many of Apple lovers want back.

Mac owners be prepared for a new files app with more details and system access. The files app lets Mac owners who have an iPhone pull files, pictures, documents from their Mac on their iPhone and vise versa.

Apple seems to be putting a lot of focus on iPad which would see up to seven new iOS 13 features from displaying multiple windows at once to displaying the same app side by side in two different windows.

IOS 12 brought a whole new definition to how Macs and iPhone apps communicate to one another. This update saw Voice memos, Home, Stocks have a cross platform feature and Apple plans to build on this and have a large plethora of apps being able to cross over.

Everyone’s favorite feature of Apple and their messaging app is emojis, animojis and mimojis.

With the new update fans will be pleased to know there a few new additions to the group including flamingo, otter, waffle, sloth, white heart, people holding hands, ice cubes, snorkel, orangutan, juice box and falafel, to name of few and there are rumored to be more to come.

IOS 13 is also running its most detailed analysis of any other version of their software which started late last year and steadily progressing into the new year. With the release of the new version of IOS even more devices will be on board.