Tech Talks: What Computer is right for your Major?

Christopher Martinez

Determining a major may just be as hard as finding a good laptop. Laptops offer many different features for so many different things and if some one picks one at random it could mean they are not getting the most out of laptop for their major.

Starting with the most technological demanding majors such as computer science, graphic design, animation, film, any major that relies heavily on software and large file sizes.

These majors require hours of editing and large RAM – random access memory to runs apps and keep them running smoothly to help avoid delay or lag when editing.

The importance of smooth editing would be the equivalent to a phone buffering while trying to watch a video. Avoiding that is as simple as knowing the computer that works best.

Top three laptops are Apple’s Macbook Pro which takes leads in the overall performance and display. Apple also creates an ecosystem between of their products and applications allowing for seemingly automatic syncing between their IPhones, Laptops, Desktops.

Where Apple takes the pie on this list is the applications that come stock with their products they offer video editing, along with their own versions of word, exel, power point, for free.

Dell’s XPS 15 containing one of the best displays in a laptop to date. A display is something many users take for granted, as the saying goes you don’t appreciate something till it’s gone.

Dell is one of the first innovators in Laptops and it shows as year after year they stay present with adding faster and faster processors and a lifespan well over ten years. Dell is just as strong as the rest of the Laptops on the list but include longer warranties and performance that will not leave the Laptop crashing or force closing itself.

With that said if you were to watch a movie on a TV from 2002 and compare that to today’s 4K Retina displays you can see the difference and that is what this Laptop gives you and has the ability to tell the difference and appreciate what it outputs.

Microsoft newly released Surface Book 2 wins the most versatile laptop offering a durable processor and great speeds. The sequel to the ever popular Surface two in ones the Surface Book 2 takes everything the Surface gave and wraps it into a Laptop.

Unfortunately this takes away from the Tablet feature it still offers stunning interactive accessories such as VR and a unique pen system.

Some majors need less from a Laptop than others such as an english major, business major, math major. These major do require large memory and ability to host multiple drives to save to which require ports.

The best three Laptops for these majors are Apples Macbook pro, Alienware 17 R5, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme.

Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Extreme is very unique in design. It brings a truly extreme Dolby Vision high dynamic range technology, that brings lightning fast data transfer up to 40 gigabytes per second to USB-C. Connect a cable from a port to the Laptop to get four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other port type on top of supplying power.

Any Alienware Laptop comes with the power and memory to get anyone through any major because they are made for PC gaming and has the RAM and Internal memory for millions of files and programs. Although it is a really powerful Laptop they usually stay on the pricy side reaching on average above $1,000.