The Envelope: Sign this petition, or else!

Benjamin Garcia

Fellow comrades,

I know that 47.8 percent of the electorate is surprised and down in the mouth at the completion of the election. I’ve been surprised at completion a few times, myself.

However, I think the results are not so weird considering the many factors at play which include:

  • Wasted votes – be it on third party candidates like Jill Stein (who received 1,193,964 popular votes), or write-ins like Harambe the gorilla (who received 11,000)
  • Donald Trump being an excellent deceiver of the stupid, yet still a better champion for bigoted
  • Media attention being directed at the antics of Donald Trump instead of adequate coverage of Bernie Sanders who surely would have given any adversary a licking in the general election

These three powers and a number of others contributed to the tight race, wherein the people chose Hillary Clinton by tight margins and the system chose Donald Trump by wide margins; proving once again that Democracy in this nation is non-existent.

Despite all this mess, there is still hope to have a leftist-ish president in office if this petition to Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19 receives 4,500,000 signatures.

The American people made a possibly grave mistake by presuming victory, underestimating the extent of ignorance and hate and conducting puerile protests at the voting polls. Signing this petition is reconciliation for these mistakes.

I beseech you: Please do not let this country’s resources, jobs, citizens be damned. There are lives and families at stake!

Your faithful, fellow concerned citizen,

Benjamin Garcia