Tech Talks: New iPad Mini Features

Christopher Martinez

Late Steve Jobs chairman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Inc. wanted to make a tablet with no keyboard or stylus, but instead of making it into a tablet he created what we know today as the iPhone.

Jobs later went back to create the iPad off of the same concept.

Today we have the many variations of the iPad and in particular the new iPad Mini.

The iPad mini was released alongside its counterpart the iPad Air in March 18, 2019. The Mini has taken to may Apple users over the Air due to its well anticipated return of the headphone jack, price, portability, apple pencil integration and battery life.

One of the most debated features which had been taken away from apple users is the headphone jack which was taken away to try and push their Apple airpods in which has worked but many people still miss the headphone jack.

This move by Apple bringing the jack bad puts a smile on many users faces allowing them to enjoy audio and movies without the worry of airpods or having to purchase a dongle, which is a lightning cable adapter that allows the user to use regular headphones.

Many times Apple releases products for its ecosystem and jacks the prices up really high.

They known users will still buy the product just to have a bigger and more immersive ecosystem.

The Apple ecosystem, as well as other company’s echosystem, is the software that integrates a users iPad, iPhone, Macbook, Apple Watch, Apple TV all together and allows for apps to be used across all platforms without losing any data or progress.

This time around, Apple has placed a comfortable price for the iPad mini set to start at $399.00.

Compared to other models this new Mini is not the cheapest, but it is surprisingly one of the most powerful tablets at its size compared to other industry leading tablet manufacturers.

Compared to the Microsoft Surface, which is marked at an even $399.00 and gives the user the complete laptop experience, the Mini wins is in ecosystem.

The feat of getting devices to synch and let users pick off where they left off is something no other company has gotten right besides Apple.

The Mini’s size is A 7.9‑inch Retina display with True Tone and at 0.66 pounds and 6.1 mm thin, it fits easily within one hand and can easily be placed in a backpack ready to tackle whatever class has to throw at it.

The Mini’s size compared to the Microsoft surface which come in with a 10 inch screen and weighs 18.4 ounces. Although the Go offers a bigger screen and weighs less the Retina display with True Tone blows the Go out of the water with its almost realistic display and color range.

What sets all iPads aside from the rest is the Apple Pencil and in particular with the Mini being able to take notes and making it feel as though the user is writing on paper virtually the same compared to actually writing on a piece of paper.

Also having that ecosystem being integrated if someone wanted to draw on a Mini they can then open their Mac and continue to create masterpieces seamlessly.

The iPad Mini is promised to give at least 10 hours of battery life which equals to more than six classes if you had two three hour classes with non-stop notes and four one hour classes with again non-stop notes making it the ultimate tool for any college student.