Anyone Can Learn

Luis Lemus

“Anyone can learn” was the unofficial mantra of the day to an event open to everyone who might just have interest in the field and was just outside of Los Angeles City Hall on Sept. 7th. The deaf event welcomes any and all who are interested to learn more about the ASL community.

According to the National Institute of Health website, nearly one in 20 Americans are deaf or hard of hearing.

Those who wish to learn more about the community headed out to just outside LA City Hall for the deaf expo being held was an opportunity for learning about its community.

Organizations such as Deaf Latinos y Familias interviewing gave further insight on deafness in the community.

Sam Bernabe signed her name as she spelled it out phonetically. She is a representative of Deaf Latinos y Familias.

On organizational outreach within the community, she replied they are able to do so by offering workshops and presentations by outside companies and have festivals where food, dancing and entertainment is provided.

Bernabe said that all people have the ability to learn to sign, that there is no reason for anybody to not be able to learn another language, regarding stigmas when it comes to learning sign language to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing folks.

The event overall was a learning opportunity for many who attended. To learn more about the public outreach happening around them, get face-painted, work on self-portraits or even get a haircut while going from booth to booth.

It presented many learning opportunities for all interested parties about the ASL community.