Norwalk spreads random acts of kindness


Cassandra Lozano

The Lozano family received a generous gift from the city of Norwalk on Nov. 16, a basket of games and treats for their children. The city delivered baskets like this to families in the city to promote acts of kindness during the pandemic.

Vincent Medina, Social Media Editor

In the spirit of World Kindness Day on November 13, the city of Norwalk is performing random acts of kindness for residents throughout the month of November.

The Norwalk Recreation Department looked through their database of people who participate in city activities and sports and randomly selected families to receive a surprise gift. It is all part of their “Rec in Motion: Spreading Kindness” program.

“We wanted the program to lift the community’s spirits,” said Elizabeth Rock, recreation superintendent for the City of Norwalk. “Staff would randomly pick a family from the database and went to their home to drop off some goodies and treats for the family.

We wanted to spread positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The baskets that Norwalk provides varies with the kind of goodies, but the purpose is to give the families something to do during the pandemic.

“We included some decorations and board games,” said Rock. “We did chalk art in front of their house as well.”

“It was such a surprise to receive the call from the city saying they were dropping off a present,” said Jocelyn Yanez.

“They coordinated a time to drop off their present. I was so surprised, and my kids were so excited, too.”

“I received a text from Blanche Grove telling me they would be by sometime this week, and we didn’t hear when they came,” said Cassandra Lozano, who also received the present. “My family and I were so excited and emotional when we saw the gift basket in front of our door!”

“Our basket had some board games and notebooks,” said Lozano. “It also included these “Slime Hands” which the kids really loved.”

It is reported that other residents received baskets that included pan dulce, tamales, chocolate, as well as board games, and lawn ornaments.

During the pandemic, it is vital to social distance and wears masks in public, a rule Norwalk city staff and residents follow seriously.

“Families stayed inside while staff put up decorations and lawn ornaments outside,” added Grove. She said that if any pictures wanted to be taken, they were taken from a distance.

“All of the city staff had their masks on,” said Rosario Bazaldua, a recipient of the gift from the city. “When we went outside, they backed up. We all had masks on.”

“This package is really great because my family and I have been trying to keep the kids occupied,” said Yanez. “We were going to try hiking, but the fires kept us from doing that. Our next idea is to set up an area in the backyard, so we can get some fresh air and relax outside.”

“The fact that the city keeps us in mind during this terrible time means so much to my family and me,” said Bazaldua. “We are so grateful to the city of Norwalk.”

For more information about other Norwalk programs visit their website.