Jenny Rae Le Roux runs for California governor – plans to use Texas & Florida model to manage COVID-19 pandemic


Jenny Rae Le Roux is running against 30 fellow Republicans for California governor on September 14, 2021. The election is to recall Governor Gavin Newsome over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo credit: Courtesy of Jenny Rae Le Roux campaign

Vincent Medina, Managing Editor

Republican Jenny Rae Le Roux is campaigning on similar ideas used by Florida and Texas as runs against 46 candidates in the California Gubernatorial Recall Election on September 14.

A main focus of her campaign is managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Texas & Florida have seen record numbers of COVID cases and deaths throughout the pandemic, the 41-year-old candidate plans to use their model to manage the outbreak in California.

“The model that I’m proposing to use is the same model used by Texas and Florida. They achieved the same deaths rates as we did in California,” said Rae.

Florida and Texas continue to see higher numbers of daily COVID-19 cases and deaths than California.

Hospitals in Florida and Texas continue to reach maximum capacity, as governors continue to advocate for bans on mask mandates and vaccine mandates.

If elected Rae plans to make masks optional at K-12 schools, even as school districts in California face unrest from anti-mask parents and as the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant continues to take lives.

“Masking is not without side effects. Lack of Co2 circulation, for children it hinders their ability to acquire language, loses a social or emotional ability for people to connect,” said the candidate. “We have a much higher rate of suicide now than we used to have.”

Doctors and scientists have found that masks do not hinder a person’s ability to breathe, and they found that wearing a mask does not make a person breathe in their Co2.

Rae also claimed that children are not a high-risk category for COVID.

While the original strain of COVID was less likely to be found in children, the Delta variant is 50% more contagious. The variant is easier to spread and people are more likely to contract the virus if they are unvaccinated and do not wear a mask.

“We will have COVID forever,” said Rae. “It is not going away. Learning to manage it is very different than trying to remove everyone’s rights in the name of forced responsibility.”

When addressing the growing number of wildfires in California, she says governor Gavin Newsome has used climate change as a “scapegoat.”

“Climate change should be managed. Newsome says ‘we have wildfires because of climate change,’ not ‘we should manage our forests to acknowledge that climate change exists,'” says Rae.

Climate change is caused by the continued burning of fossil fuels and natural gas emissions, not because of bad forest management.

Despite the causes of climate change, Rae plans to continue burning fossil fuels.

Rae’s plan is to use “underbrush clearing.” She proposes to burn the forest underbrush and recapture the byproduct for natural gas.

Rae’s plan is similar to a plan proposed by former President Donald Trump, who suggested that forest management and “sweeping the floors of the forest” would help prevent wildfires.

The candidate also advocates for the usage of nuclear power.

“Newsome is shutting down Diablo, one of the nuclear power plants in the state. It accounts for 10% of the state’s power,” said Rae. “You will not have power for a portion of your day if Diablo closes.”

Rae went on to predict that Californians may need to use generators and burn wood for heat due to the lack of power. She also suggested that the lack of power could result in black-market power systems.

In order to address the housing crisis, Rae plans to create affordable housing in the state.

“We don’t have affordable housing in California because we underbuilt based on demand,” said Rae. “It takes about three months in Texas to build a house, it takes three years to build a house in California.”

She says the lack of housing makes homes more expensive, resulting in the middle class being priced out.

To handle the homelessness crisis, the Republican says it is an issue of mental health and substance abuse.

“My proposal is to spend the money, instead of on converting housing for the homeless to care facilities. Full-service care facilities for substance abuse or for mental health,” said Rae.

The candidate also addressed women’s reproductive rights.

“I do not abuse the trust of any moms in the state, but I am a pro-life woman and I will be a pro-life governor,” said the Republican.

Rae is running against 30 fellow Republicans in the California governor recall election on September 14.