Cal State University students adjust to vaccine mandate


Sophomore student Khoa Nguyen waits with other students to enter a classroom on the USC campus Monday, August 23, 2021 for the first day of in-person classes. USC and California State University campuses start in-person classes on Monday, serving as a test case for whether vaccine mandates, masking, regular testing and other protocols can minimize spread of the Delta variant even as thousands of students congregate in classes, dorms and social events. Photo credit: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times/TNS

Fatima Durrani, Staff Writer

Cal State Universities are enforcing mask mandates and proof of vaccination to students returning to campus, as a result of the rise in COVID-19 and Delta variant cases.

California State University Fullerton requires all faculty, staff and students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Fullerton has reported more than 16 positive cases amongst their staff and students, with some being reported on campus and others off-campus.

“The safety protocols are that every student is required to wear a mask,” says Sabrina Khan, a criminal justice major at California State University Fullerton.

“I would have worn it anyway if the school did not implement it,” she states.

Khan mentions that she is adjusting perfectly to the safety protocols and that the safety regulation makes her feel more protected against the virus.

California State Universities are requiring proof of vaccination, for those eligible, as they plan to return to campus for in-person learning.

“Students are only allowed to be on campus if they are fully vaccinated and wear a mask,” says Ritika Masson, a chemistry major at at Cal Poly Pomona.

California State Universities are allowing unvaccinated students to attend campus, as long as they obtain a negative COVID-19 test once a week.

Masson says, “I feel safe at my school, however, I am not sure if I am okay with the fact they are allowing students on campus despite them being unvaccinated.”

Masson mentions how she’s concerned for the safety of everyone on campus with a different variant affecting a huge portion of the population.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health urges vaccination for every eligible person on campus grounds to prevent COVID-19 from surging again.

On August 16, Cerritos College reopened to fifty percent capacity, with the usage of a mask mandate system as well as social distancing policies.

Students at Cerritos College are following the guidelines implemented by President Jose Fierro, such as checking in, recognizing symptoms before arriving on campus and following social distancing guidelines in class.

The college will require that students and staff show proof of vaccination, starting September 30. If they are not vaccinated, they must show proof of a negative COVID test weekly.

Cerritos College, along with other universities throughout Southern California, encourages students to get vaccinated against COVID-19, wear a mask, sanitize frequently and observe socially distancing.