WideShot: Movie Pet Peeves

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Edgar  0:01

Morning guys, welcome to the wide shot podcast today we’re missing two of our members.


Derrick  0:05



Edgar  0:06

So Derek and I are going to be giving you guys a mini episode. Alright, so today’s topic is going to be our pet peeves about the movies. I know we always talk about the positive things and what we love about cinema. But I think we can all agree some things annoy us, Derek, what do you think is what’s your biggest pet peeve about the movies?


Derrick  0:23

That you get there on time for the movie and the ticket people are not ready to sell tickets.


Edgar  0:31

Yes. Or have you ever been like so worried about getting to the movie on time. Then you get there and there’s no guy there to take your ticket when you get inside?


Derrick  0:39



Edgar  0:40

I’m here to watch a movie.


Derrick  0:43

Let’s get this done. It’s like yeah.


Edgar  0:46

Or if you have. There’s a huge lines. You can’t even get snacks.


Derrick  0:49

Oh, yeah.That’s right. That’s why I stopped getting snacks at the movies.


Edgar  0:55

Last week. I know we talked about Steven Spielberg fighting Netflix. But I mean, if we’re being honest, Netflix does have some privileges. I mean, you can sit at home and have your snacks with you. Instead of waiting in line for $20 popcorn. I’m still mad about that.


Derrick  1:10

I know.


Edgar  1:11

Or do you? Do you pre sell? Or do you pre buy tickets in advance Derek? Or do you just buy them like when you’re there?


Derrick  1:18

I have, Oh, my goodness.


Edgar  1:21

Do you have one of the ticket buying apps?


Derrick  1:21

I do. But I really don’t use it. I mostly use it for for the time of the movie.


Edgar  1:30

Oh, yeah


Derrick  1:30

Oh yeah.


Edgar  1:33

I personally, I do a lot of presale selling. I buy them like maybe a month in advance. Like this morning. Actually the tickets for vendors and game came out and I bought them on Fandango. We’re not sponsored by the way. Just Just to recap, we’re not sponsored. We don’t have that kind of money. And tickets sold out within like, two minutes.


Derrick  1:50



Edgar  1:51

At 5am


Derrick  1:52

that was crazy


Edgar  1:52

I was there, okay, at 5am I’m going to buy some quick tickets and it was gone. Don’t get me wrong. I think you love the movies. But we all kind of hate not finding good seats.


Derrick  2:03

That’s true.So what’s another pit be of yours?


Edgar  2:08

When people walk in front of you while you’re watching the movie


Derrick  2:11

Of I hate that


Edgar  2:11

Oh my god. Are they show up 10 minutes late. So when a movie starts, and you’re sitting there like I’m trying to watch my film.


Derrick  2:20

I know. The one I like I don’t like it’s like when people just like or even when they pull out their phone in the movie


Edgar  2:28

And  their screens all bright and your put it away. Recently, Captain Marvel came out and I was watching it. And this one guy walks in front of me and goes what seat are you in, I think you’re in my seat? I was not.


Derrick  2:42

Wasn’t that a great movie though?


Edgar  2:43

It was, you’ve seen it?


Derrick  2:44



Edgar  2:45

It had so much power now that we think about it


Derrick  2:49

yeah it did


Edgar  2:51

Brie Larson really did bring the character to life because she has the confidence.


Derrick  2:54



Edgar  2:54

What did you think of the film? And what’s your opinions on it?


Derrick  2:56

I really liked it. I really liked it. I mean, I like the part where like, like the little girl. That’s one of the best parts of the movie, you know?


Edgar  3:05

Yeah, we’re not going to spoil it. Now. There is a very, very strong emotional connection between the characters that you can feel.


Derrick  3:11



Edgar  3:12

especially. I mean, it is set in the 90s. So there is a different like aura, but if you haven’t seen it, we do recommend that you see it, because it’s inspirational, and it actually has a surprisingly touching message behind it.


Derrick  3:24



Edgar  3:26

Have you seen us?


Derrick  3:27

Not yet.


Edgar  3:28

Oh, that is a terrifying film. So disclaimer, if there are any children listening to this. Try not to go watch us a blind you know, if not, it’s a great film. Jordan Peele really knows what he’s doing.


Derrick  3:41



Edgar  3:44

Did you watch his previous film, Get Out?


Derrick  3:46

Yes. That was good


Edgar  3:47

he really knows what he is doing Jordan Peele really knows how to work with a direction.


We have a guest. Yeah,come on in. Hello. So we have a guest here now her name is Sophia. Hi. Just you know popped into the WideShot podcast. How you doing?


Sophia  4:08

Good. How are you? I have no idea this was going on. But Wow.


Derrick  4:11

Its cool so let’s let’s, you popped in. So let’s actually this question, what is your?


Edgar  4:18

What’s your biggest pet peeve at the movies?


Sophia  4:19

at the movies? I think I was just the movies the other day. I don’t know what was wrong. I think it’s maybe when people talk in the movies. Like, hey, I want to watch this movie in peace. Please just don’t like I want to be immersed in it. But when they talk, it’s just a kind of just brings me back to where I am like, Okay, I’m watching a movie with other people.


Edgar  4:40

Well, folks, our surprise guest has better insight than two members of the podcast. So


Sophia  4:44

So are you guys talking to movie? No.


Edgar  4:48

We’re we’re running our wide shot podcast hi to the audience. But then we have a surprise guest who was better insight than the two of us who have been doing it. So thank you for your insight. What do what do you know? Okay, we’re missing two of our members. So we’re shorts staffed today.


Derrick  5:01

So what was the last movie that you saw?


Sophia  5:03

I went with a friend. He’s like a blogger. So he gets like a bunch of like of a sort of like movie passes. So we went to go see us.


Edgar  5:11

We were just talking about


Derrick  5:13

give me like, your favorite thing about the movie without spoiling it.


Sophia  5:18

I mean, I liked the concept of it. Like I really liked the concept with it. I feel like they could have done better with it. Like I told  some of my family members. Like it’s a nice movie. It’s entertaining. It’s nice to watch. You just can’t analyze it too much. Just accept it for what it is. Don’t think about it. Don’t Don’t think about how it’s possible. Just just watch it.


Edgar  5:38

Thats a good take in the movie. Just feel the immersion. Don’t think too much into it


Sophia  5:41

no no because once you do you get so disappointed, and left with so many question. just watch the movie its fine.


Derrick  5:50

We might have to bring  in as a special guest again,


Edgar  5:53

might need to have you as a guest on the wideshot podcast. All right, whoa. Oh, to our next topic. So


Sophia  6:02

I am going to excuse myself, because I am in the middle of a break.


Derrick  6:07

Thanks. We’ll see you later. Thanks for having me. Oh, yeah.


Edgar  6:10

Well, that was great.


Derrick  6:14

That was good.


Edgar  6:15

It was good. So on to our next topic for upcoming movies. In the coming weeks. We do have a few movies. I find most notably Avengers end game, do you plan on watching them?


Derrick  6:24

hell yeah


Edgar  6:26

Personally, I’m excited for that. Have you seen there’s a new trailer drop by the way so if you guys haven’t watched it,


Derrick  6:30



Edgar  6:31

this day record on April 2, so the trailer just dropped. Go watch it.


Derrick  6:36

And then there was a trailer for I think it was for Avengers.Did you see it?


Edgar  6:44

Yeah, I saw it. And then Toy Story Four is coming up. That’s gonna be depressing.


Derrick  6:49

That’s that’s gonna be


Edgar  6:50

the end of an era.


Derrick  6:52

And then also Aladdin.


Edgar  6:54

Aladdin. Yeah, it’s gonna be great. Dumbo was great on the topic of Disney. Dumbo was an excellent film,


Derrick  7:00

how did Dumbo beat us?


Edgar  7:03

Yeah,that’s the question. Also, we would actually like to turn it over to the audience as we’re going to start wrapping things up.


Derrick  7:10



Edgar  7:10

If you guys want to tweet us, we’re gonna be starting a twitter at the wide shot podcast. So if you guys want to tweet us, what’s your biggest movie pet peeve? Your biggest cinema Pet peeve. Or even if you want to tweet us, like, what are your biggest thoughts on end game? Or how do you feel about Disney with the remakes? Feel free to tweet us using the hashtag wide shot podcast.


Derrick  7:28

Oh, yes. I like that. Is there a thing that you want to end us with today?


Edgar  7:34

It was a really short episode. But I think to end I want to say that this will be a weekly thing. So we can you fans can rest assured that we’re not going to spend a week off. Even if we’re not like even if we don’t have our full for like entourage. If two of us are here and you’ve got a podcast or you if one of us is here. I’ll use my four split personalities and you’ll have a podcast.


So thank you so much for listening. Derek, what do you want to close with?


Derrick  7:57

I agree with totally what you said.


Edgar  7:59

Alright, yeah, this podcast is like our baby. So thank you so much for listening to this shorter episode. And remember to tweet us at wide shot podcast.


Derrick  8:06

This has been wide shot.


Transcribed by Cindy Canas