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K&D Sports: AAF

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Keanu 0:01- Hello Falcon fans and welcome to the K and D sports talks podcast. I’m your host Keanu


Derrick 0:06

I’m Derrick, do you want to start us off with the AAF


Keanu 0:12

Yeah, well I actually watch the watch the Salt Lake City and I forgot who was it ? it was one other team too. Salt lake city man, they they couldn’t get anything together going on offense, now their defense though was doing pretty solid but there was three and outs every series and then the kicker cannot make a field goal to save his life. It was really sad.


Keanu 0:45

Really sad


Derrick 0:48



0:53 Keanu

The TV film producer and hall of fame NFL executive punished pancakes in a diner side of Cape Cod and discuss how to make the monday after the Super bowl less sad.


Keanu  1:05

This how football league is born if you can raise the money it’s viable


Keanu  1:11

Bill Polian told Charlie Ebersol  during a five hour meeting last summer, Ebersol the least CEO and son of former NBC sports chairman Dick Ebersol started working the phones and developing the business plan. Wow. Tech companies and former NFL stars got behind the product, calling in who was staying in his role as an analyst for ESPN helped assemble personnel and coaching staff with nearly 500 years of combined NFL experience. A year later, the Alliance of American Football has a February 9, 2019 launch day, which already happened. Right.


Keanu 1:47

The vision is clear, keep the good times flowing through the late winter and spring with a league run by serious football people, while learning from the failed attempts that came before it


Derrick 1:58

Let’s get to  the scores. Oh yeah.


Derrick 2:04

There should be some there right? Yeah

Keanu 2:06

Just looking  


Keanu 2:14

actually, no, that’s all right though. Can you talk about some, some former NFL players that are playing in the AAF or about to


Derrick 2:25



Keanu 2:27

The new orleans, the new orleans saints backup quarterback Taysom Hill


Keanu 2:34

I’m guessing he won’t play behind Drew Brees this upcoming year. Wow. he’s going to be the face of Alliance franchise for a year or two, before he goes back up to the pros. Now I like I like how he contributed this past year for the saints you know


Keanu 2:52

He really  he really made that saints offense a lot more dangerous when he’s in because you don’t know what he’s gonna do, he could he’s pretty much like a madden all player, you know I’m saying like he could run, throw.


Keanu 3:10

It’s crazy how he’s built and everything, it’s super crazy. Pittsburgh has three backup Landry Jones, Josh Dobbs and Mason Rudolph


Derrick 3:20

Who are who are fighting for two spots behind


Keanu 3:22 starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger which will probably be a position battle for the alliance. I think both


Derrick 3:33



Keanu 3:36

I think I got Landry Jones or Josh Dobbs for the backup Pittsburgh quarterback.


Keanu 3:44

Okay, yeah. I think Mason Rudolph will go down to the alliance and play


Derrick 3:50

Or maybe Josh (Dobbs)  and Mason Rudolph could go down


Derrick 3:53

I mean, even like Kaepernick, you know he said in his lawsuit, him and Eric Reid I mean, he got a bit of money. Yeah, but he said he still wants to play.


keanu 4:08

He can play, he might in the Alliance. You might see him down there but I don’t I don’t think, I don’t think Kaepernick will bring a lot of attention to the alliance.  Nah, I think everything is died down now. So yeah. I think he’s gonna


Unknown 4:23

we’ll see how that goes, focus more on playing


Derrick 4:28



Keanu 4:28

Do you think Dez Bryant is gonna play in the Alliance or nah?


Derrick 4:34



Derrick 4:35

I don’t think so.


Keanu 4:36

Why you say that?


Derrick 4:39

Well, I mean it all depends if he gets money


Unknown 4:40

It all depends if he gets money money greedy on that

Unknown 4:43

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Yeah that is true, that is true


Keanu 4:46

Because I think he was asking too much, when he was still a free agent. And still is actually, but nobody is willing to pick him up. It’s not he’s not like he’s super old. I mean, I think he has a couple more years in him


Derrick 5:00

like Antonio Brown.


Keanu 5:02

Yeah, I’m surprised the raiders haven’t haven’t signed him yet.


Derrick 5:07

I think there’s a time that they have to wait for free agency. Or is it?


Keanu 5:11

That’s true, that’s true because I forgot they have uh, yeah they have three first round draft picks, three first rounders and they all have to contact


Keanu 5:26

Has to be ridiculous


Derrick 5:30

Those first two years


Derrick 5:33

We’ll see


Keanu 5:34



Derrick 5:36

Actually I have some of the scores


Keanu 5:37

Okay cool


Derrick 5:38

The stallions against the Iron. The Iron took that one, 12 to 9


Keanu 5:45

Yeah, yeah


Derrick 5:48

(Arizona) Hotshots beat the (Memphis) express 28 to 18


Derrick 5:53

Apollo’s against the commodores, that was you know 37-29


Derrick 6:04

(San Diego) Fleet, yeah against Legends, 24 to 12


Keanu 6:12

They all of them were actually pretty good games especially the birmingham and who was it? Who did Birmingham play?


Keanu 6:24

It was 12-9, oh Salt Lake City.


Derrick 6:27



Keanu 6:29

That was the game I was telling you about where Salt lake City was missing field goal after field goal, I think the first time the first time the kicker missed it, the laces are facing towards him


Keanu 6:42

In football, the laces are supposed to be facing away from him, but somehow the snapper and holder or actually it was the holders fault. He’s supposed to spin the laces facing toward away from the kicker’s foot


Derrick 6:58

Okay okay


Keanu 6:58



Keanu 7:02

And then Trent richardson, he punched in the go ahead touchdown


Derrick 7:08

Oh he did?


Keanu 7:10

Yeah that’s his third touchdown, his third touchdown of the year


Keanu 7:15

Actually, history was made in the AAF. Zac Stacy I believe he’s the Apollo’s.. Apollo’s running back. He’s the first running back to rush for over 100 yards in the AAF, first running back


Derrick 7:32

And he’s probably not done yet

Keanu 7:34

Nope, I don’t think so either


Derrick 7:36

I don’t think so either


Derrick 7:43

Should we do um, what else do we have there ?


Derrick 7:56

Should we go over some of the roles? What else we have there?


Keanu 8:00

Actually there’s no kickoffs, there’s no kickoffs in the AAF, which I think the NFL wants to do. They want to do that to know kickoffs only a punt and punt return


Derrick 8:15

I think


Keanu 8:17

Honestly that kind of.. I’m kind of both sides. I want to see Kickoff because that’s such a big part of the game


Derrick 8:28



Keanu 8:29

But also the majority majority of concussions come from kickoff


Derrick 8:35

Okay yeah yeah


Keanu 8:39

You know I think that takes away a lot of the players time to shine you know, plays that are second or third stringers that uh, that you know those are their reps.


Derrick 8:50



Keanu 8:51   

On special teams


Derrick 8:52



Keanu 8:52  

Now their reps are getting cut down to only punt and punt return you know I’m saying. I think I think they still keep kickoff and kickoff return


Derrick 9:04

Oh yeah because I think it’s only field goals right?


Keanu 9:08

yeah , yeah   


Keanu 9:08

And it’s only field goals, there’s no PAT. Once you score a touchdown, you have to go for it


Derrick & Keanu 9:17

Go check.. I think I was reading there that with that, it helps with going into overtime


Keanu 9:25

Mhm yeah and what also sucks is too about being now that there’s no kickoffs is that.. Lets say a team scores and they’re down by three, and you know, in the fourth quarter, you can’t do an onside kick


Derrick 9:44



Keanu 9:44

No onside kicks. So you have to force.. The defense has to force the offense to get a turnover if you want the you want to get the ball back to score


Derrick 9:53

That’s a little bit of  


Keanu 9:53

possibly winning the game  


Derrick 9:55

Thinking for the coaches


Keanu 9:57

Yeah, yeah exactly. That’s that’s pretty crazy


Derrick 10:01

It’d be kind of good would do something like that in.. junior college football?


Keanu 10:08

Yeah, I like the idea of that. In overtime, the AAF is like is like NCAA where both teams geta chance to score a touchdown


Keanu 10:27

But let’s say one team, one team actually scores, and that defense stops the other offense and that team wins


Derrick 10:36   

Oh okay


Keanu 10:37

I like it. I actually like how this this overtime works.


Derrick 10:41

Oh yeah


Keanu 10:43

You know I like it. I like college football and AAF overtime lot better than the NFL because you know NFL, if you score one time and that’s it


Derrick 10:50

It’s a It’s a wrap


Keanu 10:52

Yeah I want to see both teams go at it, kind of like a shootout with kind of like in soccer


Derrick 10:57

Okay yeah yeah


Keanu 11:02

I guess there’s


Keanu & Derrick 11:03



Derrick 11:04

One of the things that we didn’t really talk about is that in in this(AAF) they have what is called a sky judge


Keanu 11:15 oh yeah a sky oh! Yes. I seen I seen they have a they have a drone


Derrick 11:19



Keanu 11:19



Keanu 11:20

They have a drone flying over but you know, it’s kind of like NFL red zone or the HD


Derrick 11:31



Keanu 11:32

Yeah because you know how in the NFL they have that big camera flying across the field?


Derrick 11:38

yeah yeah yeah


Keanu 11: 39

Well in AAF they have a they have a drones, they have drones


Derrick 11:42



Keanu 11:44

So it was pretty cool


Derrick 11:45




Yeah I think all the AAF stadiums are.. There in inside see


Derrick 11:53 oh..


Keanu 11:55

Weather can’t affect it, actually I think San Diego, I think San Diego stadium, their own stadium is the only stadium that has open has an open field


Derrick 12:04


Keanu 12:07

But yeah. There’s stricter defensive rules in the AAF


Derrick 12:12

Oh really?


Keanu 12:12



Derrick 12:13

What are some of those?


Keanu 12:17

There’s no more than five players that can rush on a single play, players also aren’t allowed to blitz from more than two yards outside the defensive line or from five yards back at the line of scrimmage, players lined up at the line of scrimmage count as rushers regardless of whether or not they go after the quarterback    


Derrick 12:38

Hm that’s that’s pretty interesting, that makes the game a lot more uhh you have to think a lot more


Derrick 12:43

Yeah which I mean it would be, it would be.. Especially coaching at that at that level, you have to be more like *snaps fingers*


Keanu 12:55

Yeah you have to know


Derrick 12:58

What is going on


Keanu 12:58

Yeah. And any violations of these rules will result in a 15 yard penalty for illegal defenses  


Derrick 13:09



*Keanu chuckles*


Keanu 13:13

Can you imagine though like you violating those rules and like getting 15 yards every single play


Derrick 13:20

Jesus that’s crazy


Keanu 13:25

That’s that kind of, the new players who, a lot players will forget about that you know?


Derrick 13:32    



Keanu 13:32

So actually players that been playing in the NFL for so long and more college football


Derrick 13:36



Keanu 13:37

And then they go to the AAF and then there’s more rules


Derrick 13:41 oh yeah yeah


Keanu 13:42

They added you know


Keanu 13:44

This will make it safe for quarterbacks and likely give them more time in the pocket which should create better offensive action. On the other hand, defensive coaches could have a tough time being creative enough to stop top quarterbacks around the league. Yeah, I said it right there


Derrick 14:00

yeah , thats pretty thats pretty


Keanu 14:01

That’s a lot easier for offenses but a lot tougher for defenses.



But still, it’s first week



Mike Bercovici, the San Diego Fleet quarterback, did you see that when he got his helmet taken off?


Derrick 14:17

No. I mean I saw a picture of it

Keanu 14:20



Derrick 14:21

That was crazy


Keanu 14:21



Derrick 14:21    

Just went *makes noise*


Keanu 14:23

Yeah just came off



I don’t think, I think that define the this paragraph right here where it says which would give quarterbacks more time in the pocket *laughs*



Because man that that defensive end came up to came off the the end , and just drilled Bercovici into the ground


Derrick 14:46



Keanu 14:47

That was not a pretty sight to see



But anyways folks, that’s it for today, I’m Keanu.


Derrick 14:56

I’m Derrick


Keanu 14:58

And we’ll see yall next time  


Transcribed by Keanu Ruffo

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Derrick Coleman, Co-Multimedia Editor
Derrick Coleman is the Co-Multimedia Editor at Talon Marks. He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, where he lived for 15 years before coming to the United States. His goal is to start his own photography business.
Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor
Keanu Ruffo is a Journalism major and is the returning Sports Editor for Talon Marks news division here at Cerritos College. Keanu plans to transfer to Cal State Long Beach once’s he’s received his AA degree. His career goal is to work for the NFL Network or ESPN.
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