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K&D Sports: Super Bowl


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Keanu  0:02

Hello Falcon fans and welcome to the K & D sports podcast. I’m your host Keanu



I’m Derrick Coleman.


Unknown Speaker  0:09

Give me your, your take on the Super Bowl.


Keanu 0:13

As a defensive guy It was a good game


Derrick 0:16



Keanu  0:16

But offensively, horrible


Derrick  0:19

you play corner, right?


Keanu 0:20

Yes I play corner


Derrick  0:23

Okay So


Keanu  0:23

yeah, go ahead


Derrick  0:26

I mean, I’m watching the game and I’m like,


Keanu  0:29

Who’s gonna score?


Derrick 0:31

Who’s gonna score?


Keanu 0:31  

Who’s gonna score first?


Derrick 0:32

You know we’re going to give you guys the breakdown, little bit of quarter by quarter. You want to go ahead and start with the


Keanu 0:41



Derrick  0:41

first quarter


Keanu  0:42

So the first, the first five plays of the game, the Patriots ran run plays and they’re actually running the ball pretty well, too. They got to the other side of the field but on the six play as Brady seems to pass it, it’s intercepted by the Rams corner or excuse me linebacker Cory Littleton


Derrick 1:08



Keanu  1:09

Now on that play, Brady threw it super late, super late to Chris Hogan.


Derrick  1:14

That was the interception right?


Keanu  1:16

That was the interception


Derrick 1:16



Keanu 1:18

If he threw it earlier, that would have been I think the patriots could have scored on that first drive


Derrick 1:24

Yeah I think personally the rams defense, had a hell of a game


Keanu 1:30

oh, yeah same as the patients too


Derrick 1:33

Yeah, how about that missed field goal


Keanu 1:38

Yeah, you don’t see Stephen Gostkowski  miss too many field goals in the playoffs


Derrick 1:44



Keanu  1:46

That’s that was pretty surprising to me.


Derrick  1:49

I mean, even even if you look at the, at both quarterbacks, Tom Brady was six for six for 11 for 84 yards. One interception.


*Keanu laughs*



Jared Goff was two for six


Keanu 2:05

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17 yards passing


Derrick  2:05

17 yards.


Keanu 2:06



Derrick  2:06

no interceptions  


Keanu 2:07

I noticed that during the game he, he was inaccurate


Derrick  2:11



Keanu 2:12

during the first half.


Derrick  2:13

I believe there was something wrong with wrong with his hand.


Keanu 2:17

Yeah, there might have been but he was also getting pressured a lot by the Patriots defensive line


Derrick  2:22

How you like how you like my boy Tony Romo calling the game?


Keanu  2:26

The play calling?


Derrick 2:27



Keanu 2:28

he’s been doing a pretty good job the whole little season


Derrick 2:30



Keanu  2:30

I like money when he likes to tell the play before the play actually happened too


Derrick 2:35



Keanu 2:35

Which is pretty cool


Derrick 2:36   

I mean the way he broke down every defensive guy that was coming at the quarterback. You know,


Keanu  2:41

he also did that uhh, he also did that pretty well during the chiefs game


Derrick 2:47

Yeah he did


Keanu  2:48

Two three weeks ago


Derrick 2:51



Unknown Speaker  2:52

Umm total yards after the first quarter patriots had 122 and the rams had 29


Derrick 2:58



Keanu  2:59

first downs patriots had eight and rams had only one first down



For time possession, patriots they pretty much chewed up the whole first quarter


Derrick 3:10

Yeah they did


Keanu  3:10

with 11 minutes 47 seconds and the Rams three minutes and 13 seconds


Derrick 3:15  

Which you know, if you if you look at the Rams defensive coordinator


Keanu  3:22

Wade Phillips. Yeah.


Derrick  3:22

He’s, he was a really good coach. But as a defensive guy


Keanu 3:28

He’s yeah, he’s like a Matt Patricia


Derrick 3:32

Yeah. Yeah


Keanu  3:32

he might actually be better than Matt Patricia


Derrick 3:35

Yeah I think I think from what I was reading, yesterday, was that the linebacker, the Patriots have to go look for a new linebacker coach.


Keanu  3:45

Oh, yeah


Derrick  3:46

He’s taking the head coaching position that


Keanu 3:49



Derrick 3:51  

Miami Dolphins


Keanu 3:51

Miami yeah


Derrick 3:52

What you think about that?


Keanu  3:55

I’m not too surprised actually, You know, I think any any coach on the Patriots roster or coaching staff can definitely be a head coach. Any of them. Any of them. They all have that Belichick mindset and coaching ability.


Derrick 4:11

They have his younger coaching mentality.


Keanu 4:14

Yeah, yeah


Derrick   4:16

I think personally, once Brady decides to retire, I think Belichick is gonna step down.


Keanu  4:23

Oh, yeah, and then once Belichick steps down, I think the offensive coordinator for the Patriots, I think he will step up because he’s a lot like Belichick


Derrick  4:35

yeah he was supposed to up for a head coaching position last year  


Keanu 4:39

Yes he was I forgot do you do you remember his name?


Derrick 4:42



keanu  4:43

Shoot, I forgot his name too. Anyways, in the second quarter, the rams defense stepped up and stalled the patriots drive, but was unable to hold Gostkowski to a 42 yard field goal which gave New England the lead three to zero.


Derrick 4:58



Keanu  4:59

Through 25 is there have been many highlights from Atlanta, or or.. correct from Atlanta. At halftime, Tom Brady went 15 for 25 who threw for 160 passing yards and one interception. That’s that’s not like Tom Brady at all.


Derrick  5:19



Keanu  5:20

Usually he has a couple of touchdowns before halftime, but that there it goes against it’s a defensive game.


Derrick 5:28



Keanu 5:29

And even the Rams defense held Tom Brady to such little passing yards.


Derrick 5:34

But the guy who who know ended up being the game MVP, Julian Edelman?  


Keanu 5:41

Edelman yeah


Derrick 5:43



Keanu 5:43

He went off


Derrick 5:44

Seven receptions 93 yards


Keanu  5:47

That’s big in the first half

Derrick 5:50



Keanu  5:50

That’s really big.


Derrick 5:53

Jared Goff he went 5 for 17 *Keanu and Derrick chuckle* 5 for 12 53 yards


Keanu  6:01

And then gurly man


Derrick  6:02

Gurly he just


Keanu 6:03

what happened to him?


Derrick  6:04

he couldn’t do anything. I think there’s something there


Keanu 6:06



Derrick  6:07

there’s something going on internally.


Keanu 6:12

Oh yeah, all that taking the hits during the season everything it all catches up to you sooner or later. Moving on to the third quarter, four more punts were added to for the Patriots as rams traded field position. It’s worth noting that the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history was the dolphins 14-7 win over the Redskins in Super Bowl seven. We could be breaking records tonight folks that’s for sure.


Derrick  6:42

In the third quarter the rams punter, Johnny Hekker?


Keanu 6:46

Yeah Hekker


Unknown Speaker  6:46

Hekker. Hekker now holds the record for the longest punt in Super Bowl history


Keanu  6:52

Yeah I heard it was 65 yards


Derrick  6:57

isn’t that the guy that won them?


Keanu 7:00  

pretty much.


Derrick  7:03

And you know what’s crazy about that he got hurt like right after the game like


Keanu 7:07

Did he?


Derrick 7:08



Keanu  7:09

that’s crazy.



The rams and Okay, we’re going into the third quarter.


Keanu 7:15

Yeah, oh it’s the third quarter?


Derrick 7:17



Derrick  7:17

the rams are finally on the on the board. Los Angeles puts together its longest drive of the game but still needed kicker Greg Zuerleren


Keanu 7:31



Derrick 7:32

Zerlein to nail to nail the 53 yard field goal, he delivered.


Derrick  7:40

John Nate’s net


Keanu 7:43

Nance yeah


Derrick 7:44

it was the first field goal first field goal from 50 plus yards in the Super Bowl, in the Super Bowl in 15 years.


Keanu 7:54



Derrick 7:55

Dang, you want to go ahead and


Keanu 7:57

Yeah, going into the fourth quarter with 10 minutes and 25 seconds remaining in the game, Tom Brady and Jared Goff had passed for a combined 322 passing yards. Johnny Hekker has punted for 378 yards *Keanu laughs*


Derrick  8:11

Give him an award


Keanu 8:13



Derrick 8:14

They need to renew his contract *Derrick laugh*


Keanu 8:15

Yeah give him an award at the ESPYs or something  


Keanu 8:19

Yeah, two big passes from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski brought the patriots to the Rams goal line, and Sony Michel finally punched the ball in to score the first touchdown of the game. Given the patriots the lead ten to three


Derrick  8:33

Fourth quarter the Rams offense finally came to life on a crucial drive but after driving his team to the Patriots 27 yard line, Jared Goff flow floated up a past that was easily picked off by


Keanu 8:51

Stephon Gilmore


Derrick 8:52

Stephon Gilmore


Keanu  8:55

That killed it


Derrick 8:56



Keanu  8:56

That right there was the nail in the coffin.


Unknown Speaker  9:01

I feel like if they would have scored on that drive and held the Patriots on their next offense to drive. I feel like the Rams, it would’ve definitely been a better game the last two minutes and then rams could have scored win the game and finally bring a Super Bowl to LA


Derrick 9:19

Yeah but I mean the next Super Bowl would be hear in what, two years?


Keanu 9:24



Derrick  9:24

Let’s see what let’s see what they’re  


Keanu 9:26

Three years three years


Derrick 9:28



Keanu  9:29

So let’s close this and talk about NBA tread trade deadlines, latest news, grades, and rumblings.

*Keanu laughs*

Derrick 9:38  

Where should we start? So blazers acquired Ronnie Hood from the cavs. So what the Cavs are going to get Ronnie Ronnie Hood. Cleveland is going to get Wayne Baldwin and Nick Stauskas


Keanu  10:01

Also oh go head


Derrick  10:04

but clearly also gets a 2021 pick a second round pick and 2023 second round pick


Keanu  10:12

that’s not bad actually, for a good trade. Actually for one guy.


Derrick 10:17

Yeah that’s


Keanu  10:17

Three players and two second round picks, That’s not bad, that’s not bad at all.



The Knicks traded surprisingly traded, Porzingis to Dallas for Dennis Smith. The Mavericks will get Christos Porzingis, Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Trey Burke


Derrick  10:36

you know what’s crazy? You know surprises me that Nowitzki played with Tim Hardaway senior. And now he gets to play with Jr.


Keanu 10:51  

That’s not bad, that’s actually pretty cool actually.



That’s pretty cool. And he gets to actually porzingis gets to learn from Nowitzki too. You never know I mean Porzingis could might be the next Nowitzki maybe you think


Derrick 11:07

could be


Keanu  11:09

I think if Nowitzki stays another couple years two three years. But not start. Not starting, he’ll come off the bench


Derrick  11:17

He got to come off the bench.


Keanu 11:19

Yeah because he’s old, he’s old, he’s forsure old


Derrick 11:20

Oh yeah


Derrick  11:22

So what trade was that? Oh Okay? That was that traded


Keanu  11:26

Mavericks and Knicks trade.


Derrick  11:27

So New York Knicks. They get Dennis Smith Jr, DeAndre Jordan,


Keanu  11:36

Wow, they traded DJ.


Derrick  11:38

Right, Which here’s the thing. DJ wanted to be with Dallas.


Keanu 11:45



Derrick 11:46

and now that


Keanu 11:47

Now they traded him


Derrick 11:47

that was a middle of a season, now they want to get rid of him.


Keanu  11:49

That might be like LA with Lonzo you know


Derrick 11:54



Keanu 11:56

Might have to trade him


Derrick 11:57

Yup… Well, you know, we’ll talk about that towards the end.


Keanu 12:03

Yeah yeah


Derrick  12:04

Wesley Wesley Matthews. And then they also get two future first round picks. It doesn’t say what year but


Keanu 12:12

Nah nah nah


Derrick  12:13

we’ll figure out, Figure that out during the draft. So  you want to go ahead and give us the Carmelo Anthony deal


Keanu  12:19

you know I thought he retired? *Derrick laughs*. I thought he retired he needs to retire already


Derrick  12:25

Yeah he does.


Keanu   12:26

I think it seem, I think teams are just wasting their money on him, honestly. But anyways the rockets have agreed to send Carmelo to the bulls


Derrick  12:37

Which by the deadline I think they’re gonna wave him


Keanu  12:40

you think so?



Yeah, they said the word


Keanu  12:46

so the rockets in exchange get draft rights to Tejeda Dad Rogovich. Can Melo help LeBron and the Lakers in LA he wants to get them?


Derrick  13:04

we don’t need him.


Keanu 13:06

Yeah. Same I wouldn’t want him either


Derrick 13:06

I would rather see AD


Keanu 13:10

Oh yeah  Anthony Davis would be a good pick up but then we would have to give up a lot too.  


Derrick 13:16

that six pairs. six players


Keanu 13:17

Six players man for AD


Derrick  13:18

six players and a first round pick. That’s like half your roster.


Keanu  13:26

Pretty much. That’s pretty that is pretty much half the roster for one guy.


Derrick  13:31

But they have all that money sitting there so they could you know save for free agency. Maybe get Carmelo.


Keanu 13:35

That is true


Derrick  13:39

We don’t know what magic is thinking you know


Keanu  13:42

Yeah it’s still we haven’t reached the half. Half the half point of the season yet so


Derrick 13:47

it’s coming up


Keanu 13:48

It’s coming up soon enough


Derrick 13:48

what you think about the all star game


Keanu   13:53

last year?


Derrick  13:54

this year it’s coming up pretty soon. So so they’re going to do it like like the way they did it last year is that they have two team captain Captains


Keanu 14:04

Oh okay


Derrick 14:05

and they just want to pick  


Keanu 14:05

Oh so it’s like park ball pretty much?


Derrick 14:07

Yeah, basically


Keanu  14:08

It’s not bad I actually like that honestly thats


Derrick  14:10

It was good last year.


Keanu 14:13

It was


Derrick  14:14



Keanu 14:14

let’s transition over to the Kobe Bryant interview on his opinions of James Harden and Houston.


Derrick 14:18

Oowee. Did you get a chance to watch it?


Keanu  14:23

I did not sadly


Derrick  14:24

Man, So I’m quoting I’m quoting Kobe right now. Kobe he doesn’t think that the Houston Rockets can win a championship with the way the reigning MVP continuing to play this way. “Well, I think he has to do what he has to do in order for the his team to win,” Bryant said in an interview with ESPN.


Derrick  14:50

What do you think about that?


Keanu  14:52

Yeah I think I think it’s honestly too tough to win in that conference right now.


Derrick 14:58



Keanu  14:59

Golden State still at the top, Portland is up there. Who else is up there? Honestly all I know is about Golden State


Derrick 15:12

Yeah, Golden State that’s the team you have to beat. Of like playoffs from the first seat to the eighth seed all roads lead to Golden State for sure.


Derrick  15:25

I hate to see the same team win over and over


Keanu  15:28

that’s like the same thing with the Patriots and the AFC you know


Derrick 15:31  

I was just going to ask you  Did you see what Steve Kerr’s he kind of compare how New England was winning all these championships and how you know the Warriors can


Keanu 15:42

yeah they they can build their pretty much building that same dynasty you know. And I think in order for Houston to beat Golden State you need to get players like Anthony Davis


Derrick  16:01

You need Chris Paul back and Eric Gordon


Keanu 16:03

Yeah yeah yeah



Eric Gordon for sure.


Derrick 16:05



Keanu 16:06

You need players like how Golden State have you know they have a curry, Thompson, Durant, Green. They have like three big guys you know and they have players come off the bench scoring points too.


Derrick 16:27


Keanu 16:27

Houston you don’t have that all you all you have is Harden, CP3 and that’s pretty much it. You  don’t have any more star players.


Derrick 16:37

What’s your take on James Harden what to think about his personality of playing?


Keanu  16:43

He he’s very similar to Kobe you know in clutch moments when


Derrick 16:49  



Keanu 16:50

you know when you need those points


Derrick 16:51



Keanu 16:52  

I think he’s the guy where he’ll take the ball and score that game winning shot. But if they’re in a lead and you know they’re comfortable he he will pass it, kinda like CP3. I think that’s where CP3 comes in and he’s more he’s more selfish with the ball


Derrick  17:12

Do you think James Harden is like a selfish player? Compared to curry?


Keanu  17:23

No I think Harden is, I think more selfish than curry *Derrick laughs* Honestly yeah. I think curry he, Curry has his moments to not not selfishness but where he can become kind of a ballhog in a way.


Derrick 17:40

I saw that I saw that


Keanu 17:42

he doesn’t have to worry about scoring that game winning shot. You know? He He has Thompson. Who just scored what was it, he scored like ten threes in a row?


Derrick 17:54



Keanu 17:55

That’s ridiculous, in the first half too. You have Durant, you have green who can score from the outside. You know you don’t have to worry about you know losing the game when you got players like that. Yeah, Harden extended his streak of scoring at least 30 points to 27 games on Monday night with 44 points eight rebounds, six assists, in a 110 to 110 win over the Phoenix Suns. Is the third longest streak behind Wilt Chamberlain streak of 65 and 31. You know in the end when playoffs come and Houston’s is facing Golden State State, it’s all going to come to know going hard throughout the regular season, it’s tough. That long season in the NBA


Derrick  18:52

Oh yeah.


Keanu  18:53

It’s really tough.


Derrick 18:54

It’s a surprise to me that James Harden agreed to what Kobe Bryant said you know which you know, he said we have injuries throughout the course of the of the year but when we get back CP3 and the rhythm of Eric Gordon back and get our full roster, we get multiple guys that can make that can make plays multiple guys that can dominate the ball. I mean, that’s that’s pretty true. You know?


Keanu 19:26

Yeah. I feel like CP3 and Eric Gordon will take most of the pressure off Harden and you know, that harden can he can heal up you know. He doesn’t have to play like a full game and score this amount of points like he’s doing right now. I think, yeah I think getting CP three and Eric Gordon back will be good, probably in the second half of the season. I think going into the playoffs I think they’ll be healthy


Derrick 19:54

If they make it that far


Keanu 19:56

Yeah, I’m pretty sure they will


Derrick 19:57



Keanu 19:58

I’m sure they will.


Derrick  20:00

So let’s think about Kobe a little bit. So you know, he recently opened his Mamba Sports Academy.


Keanu  20:06

No, I didn’t. I didn’t hear about that.


Derrick  20:08

Yeah he opened it a couple couple months ago, which we all know Kobe won five championships with


Keanu  20:16



Derrick 20:18

Big la. One of the things we probably don’t have time to go through all of this, one of the things is that Kobe Bryant ever since Kuzma came into the league, he’s been working with Kobe Bryant, you know,  


Keanu 20:40



Derrick 20:41

Kobe Bryant been the one that’s been training him this offseason.


Keanu 20:43



Derrick 20:40

What you think about that?


Keanu 20:45

You know I think

Derrick 20:46  

He’s  basically his offseason mentor.


Keanu 20:49

Yeah and with LeBron to during season, learning from two greats. I mean, don’t get me wrong they they are a young team, the Lakers, you know with Kuzma, Hart, Lonzo, I think in a couple years from now, they’re going to be that dominant team that can beat Golden State in Golden State and win a title and finally bring a title back to LA


Derrick  21:18

the problem I’m having even towards the end, I think last year, the last 20 games, Lonzo didn’t play


Keanu 21:28

oh really  


Derrick  21:29

or something like that. He was hurt most of the season last year.


Keanu 21:33

Oh yeah yeah


Derrick  21:34

And this year, he’s out for six weeks


Keanu  21:37

Yeah I think I think it’s a good, it’s good that they’re having injuries right now because then they get the all star break to rest, you know get back to their healthy healthy self. And then


Derrick  21:56

well, we all know we all know Lonzo’s Lonzo’s problem. He’s going to be traded,


Derrick 22:02

mounted up a baby, baby mama drama.


Keanu 22:05

aww probably maybe


Derrick 22:08

That’s you know


Keanu  22:09

not adding it then again, I think Lonzo of us to stay out of that. And focus on the team then his personal life. Because I think bringing personal life into the team that can


Derrick 22:23

make mistakes


Keanu 22:24

Ruin a lot of things and make mistakes.


Derrick  22:26

Oh, yeah. Yeah. This is Kobe speaking. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish on what your what your long term objectives are, Bryant added now by signing Lebron James, you’re already making in in indication that you want to win right now. So I think it’s it’ll be a smart, smart thing to do for the Lakers to look at that. But at the same time you know that you got to play a little bit of poker. The Lakers, personally are our friend that pelicans a package. So we’re going today, just a little bit.


Keanu 23:16



Derrick 23:17

So the Lakers personally are often Okay. That includes forward Ingram *Kuzma*, Ball, and two first round picks, as well as a willingness to absorb the remaining of 12.7 million.


Keanu  23:38

Man that’s pretty much your future right there you’re getting rid of honestly


Derrick 23:44



Keanu & Derrick  23:45

three players


Keanu  23:47

that are your future. You better have a good draft coming up the next few years if you want your team to actually be winning. Don’t get me wrong, I think LeBron and AD I think they can definitely win win games, but throughout the stretch of the season and playoffs.


Derrick  24:09

It’s crucial.


Keanu 24:10



Keanu  24:12

LeBron, he can definitely work with a young team. I mean look look what he did a couple years back when he won a championship. He had a young team, he had some veterans


Derrick 24:24

which one, Miami or cleveland?


Keanu  24:26

Cleveland. Obviously. It was a 2016 when he won


Derrick 24:31

Okay yeah


Keanu 24:31

  1. He had a young team but he still managed to win a championship. I think that might be the deal with Lebron you know coming to LA he has a couple of veterans but the majority of the team is young.


Derrick  24:46

I think Lebron is due to play tonight. He sat out last weeks Saturday’s game


Keanu 24:53

Okay. The Pelicans haven’t counted the Lakers offers yet but do have expectations that Johnson will overwhelm them with young players and a store called job pics. You think also they’re going to give La money to along with AD


Derrick 25:16

They have to


Keanu  25:17

You think so?


Derrick  25:20

He’s gonna need to pick


Keanu  25:22

Yeah I mean, I think they’re going to need at least two or three draft picks


Derrick  25:30

Yeah I mean, so let’s go back to Lonzo his daddy doesn’t want him to go to New Orleans


Keanu 25:39


Derrick 25:40

I want him to go to Phoenix I’m like who’s over there? Can they deal with with with him?


Keanu  25:53

Honestly I don’t think so.


Derrick 25:55

I don’t either.


Keanu 25:56

I think I think Lonzo’s too young to be the captain of the team you know. I don’t think I don’t think it will work out I think Phoenix will still remain the same.


Derrick  26:09

He’s not Lebron when LeBron was younger


Keanu 26:12

Oh no *Derrick laughs* heck no


Derrick  26:13

He’s not Kobe when Kobe was younger


Keanu  26:16

Lebron didn’t have a baby mama.


Derrick 26:18



Keanu 26:19

Lebron focuses life on basketball.


Derrick 26:22



Keanu  26:23

and just basketball


Derrick 26:24



Keanu  26:27

Lebron didn’t have that fame you know coming out of high school or college yet like lonzo did

now you’ve seen the ball brothers at Chino Hills High School. You seen Lonzo at UCLA, only played a year there and he’s in the NBA now


Derrick  26:48

I mean his other brother couldn’t even make it into the draft


Keanu 26:53



Derrick  26:54

you know


Keanu  26:56

Gelo messed up big time.


Derrick  26:57

Well, yeah, after what happened in China


Keanu  27:01

I think mellow I think mellow has a good chance of making it


Derrick 27:06


Keanu 27:06

But he’s in the G league right now.


Derrick  27:10



Keanu 27:12

Melo. Not Carmelo but Lamelo Ball


Derrick  27:16

that’s the youngest right?


Keanu 27:17

youngest one


Derrick  27:18

He decided to go to high school.


Keanu 27:20

Oh that’s right I forgot he’s in High School now


Derrick  27:22

he decided to go to Crossroads High School


Keanu 27:26



Derrick 27:26



Keanu 27:27

Oh okay


Derrick  27:27

Which is his Dad wasn’t happy with it


Keanu  27:30

Nah I think his Dad wanted him to still play ball overseas, but that’s a good decision though by melo by coming back to school, getting your education


Derrick 27:44



Keanu 27:45

Because that comes first before sports


Derrick 27:47

Of course


Keanu 27:49

I think his dad needs to realize that he can’t base is life at such a young age too. I mean, it’s good to have sports in your life, but you need that education.


Derrick 28:00

you need that backup


Keanu 28:01

Yeah because your not gonna be playing sports until you’re in your 60s or something


Derrick  28:11

I mean, look at look at Shaq, you know?

Keanu 28:16



Derrick  28:16

He went back and got his degree now he’s you know, he can work anywhere.


Keanu 28:23

Yeah he can work anywhere, do anything he wants


Derrick 28:25



Keanu 28:26

I think it’s good though he’s good with working at TNT pregame postgame in talk shows on commercials.


Derrick 28:36

Those are funny though


Keanu 28:36

Yeah, those are pretty funny


Derrick   28:39

And it’s fun to look at him and Charles Barkley they will sit sit next to each other. They don’t like each other at all. That’s kinda crazy. So next week we’ll be to be you know, bring you guys some more info on


Keanu 28:57

Falcon sports, basketball, baseball. All those coming up next week


Derrick 29:02

Yeah, I was I was looking at our stats our, our baseball team they’re they’re horrible. They haven’t won a game yet.


Keanu  29:09

They haven’t won a game yet?


Derrick 29:10



Keanu 29:11  

Let’s hope that changes


Derrick 29:13

Lets hope. They were supposed to play today but because of the rain today or tomorrow one one of those they are supposed to play


Keanu  29:22

Well Falcon fans that’s it for K and D sports talks. I’m Keanu I’m Derek and we’ll see you all next week.

Transcribed by Keanu Ruffo

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