Loud and outgoing people end to be the best ASMR artists

Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor

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REBECCA: Welcome back to another ASMR podcast. With me, Rebecca, the multimedia editor for Talon marks. I do apologize for the background noise.

REBECCA: I live in the highly active part of Hollywood, about a block away from Hollywood and Highland Boulevard. So there is always- there are always some sort of questionable noises throughout the day, so please excuse them.

REBECCA: I also have a really loud clock in my kitchen. And sadly, I’m not tall enough to reach it. So here we are. My neighbor upstairs seems to be moving furniture. What is currently 730 in the morning. I don’t know what’s up with there. But anyway, let’s get back into our ASMR.

REBECCA: In the last podcast, and talk about what ASMR is in the YouTube community and how it’s therapeutic for those who are having our time to sleep. Lacking self-esteem and you know, a little pick me up as in hearing some positive affirmations. Or simply watching someone eat huge portions of food.

REBECCA: ASMR can be getting satisfaction from someone watch from someone doing something repetitively, or a sound that just gives you goosebumps. That’s what ASMR is. If you love to have your hair played with or have someone’s nails run across your skin or getting full attention from somebody else in ASMR is definitely, definitely the fetish ticket into and I don’t mean in a weird fetish, but just a way to have kind of a healthy coping mechanism, you know, whatever in whatever you’re going through.

REBECCA: One YouTube ASMR artist who I really love, and I enjoy watching his gentle whispers ASMR. She has over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube. And her numbers seem to be growing. Every time I check out her analytics. She’s just really that person where you can kind of just being comfortable around with even though it’s you meeting her through a screen and she’s not really communicating back with you. But either way, she has such a gentle voice that will instantly- instantly make you feel as if she’s in the room with you catering to all your personal needs.

REBECCA: One of my favorite videos she did was when she added- I don’t know how to explain them, but they’re like little sticky diamonds. They’re fake obviously. But she added them to the tips of her fingers. And she tapped on the rim of the camera and literally on top of the glass of the camera. And just hearing those delicate sounds like I felt that every single one of my hair hairs on my arms pop up or however you want to see it. And I just thought that was so crazy how somebody what’s how somebody voice can literally make me feel so relaxed.

REBECCA: I don’t remember falling asleep but midway I was just out like a light bulb. I could feel my eyes getting heavier and my eyes rolling back and just having that feeling of getting or reassuring myself that I might get some sleep is always a good positive feeling for me because I do have trouble sleeping at night. I think about things you know I’m an overthinker so watching her makes me feel relaxed in she says things where it’s like I know I’m gonna be okay and she reassures me that everything’s gonna be fine that whatever I’m doing, make sure I’m doing my best.

REBECCA: So thank you gentle whispers I really do appreciate that you’re just such a genuine human being. She always gives the viewers a little bit of a preview of her personal life gives you a different perspective as to who she really is and how genuine her actions are and in her words whenever she does ASMR video so I love it. She does a lot of jewelry roleplay and when she does that, to a lot of tapping, she caresses the jewelry brings it up close. To use he can see it and I guess it’s how the camera focuses but it makes me feel like I’m right there looking at the jewelry

REBECCA: –and then she’ll like tap on like the little jewels and just fling them around like I don’t know, just how delicate she just makes me feel so relaxed. I aspire to be that delicate. I really think it’s funny because I’m a loud person and for some reason, I think I do a pretty good, pretty good job of doing it some more. But I just think it’s ironic how some loud people end up turning to be the best ASMR artists, for example, cardi B, the one that does occur and one will screw me up Coronavirus. Yeah, her.

REBECCA: She did an ASMR video with a magazine. Let me see. Have it right here. Give me a second everybody. And she just did an amazing job doing ASMR. She did it with the W magazine. And she has two microphones on the left and right of her. And she openly admitted that she watches ASMR and I was just girl I was just like girl house. How can a loud vivid person be such a good job of being gentle and just being able to make me fall asleep? She watches ASMR I think she should really just pop up with an ASMR podcast or YouTube because it’s another way to make money. Just like her song money anyway. That’s pretty much how I feel about ASMR and one of my favorite ASMR artists gentle whispers ASMR

REBECCA: if you guys just are tired of listening to me, and just really want to get into what ASMR is just dive right in. I remember just getting so much judgment or weird looks whenever I was caught by my mom or my boyfriend. And he’ll be like what the hell are you watching?

REBECCA: Like it’s ASMR they’re helping me fall asleep and leave me alone. way. That’s just how I am I get embarrassed but now just I could read I really don’t care if they catch me watching ASMR it is what it is. However, I don’t think my friends or family My brothers know specifically know that I watch ASMR so I’ll probably be getting a lot of I probably get be getting made fun of for Thanksgiving.

REBECCA: But for now. I really do appreciate you guys listening to this podcast. And if there’s any way that I could enhance my ASMR podcast, please let me know. But for now, thank you guys for listening.

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