Latina representation in business


Monica Bracho (right) at the Gala for the Catholic Association for Latino Leaders recognizing leaders and companies. Photo credit: Courtesy of Monica Bracho

Matthew Ramirez

Matthew Ramirez: Los Angeles is home to so many cultures and walks of life as far as the eye can see.

Walking around the city of LA you can see many representations of cultures in the forms of murals, architecture, and food alike.

One of the most popular communities in the city of Los Angeles is the Hispanic community.

While many successful men come out of the city and prosper, light must be shed on the Latina women of the city of Los Angeles.

Recently, my partner Silas Bravo had gotten the opportunity to speak with a very successful Latina woman by the name of Monica Bracho.

Bracho is the current Vice President of human resources in one of the largest cemeteries in Los Angeles county while also overseeing and counseling two other smaller cemeteries in the cities of Gardena and Commerce.

Bracho immigrated to America along with the rest of her family at the age of 6 years old and has since never taken a single opportunity for granted in her journey for a better life in America.

Bracho does think that there is room for a change in the climate of Latina women in business.

Monica Bracho: We have made some progress but there is definitely room for opportunity


Ramirez: When asked if the Latina women are under appreciated Bracho had this to say,

Bracho: Oh absolutely and underappreciated and it is still that stereotype I’ll be in a meeting with 7 other executives and it is the understanding that I’m going to order the food is it because I am naturally a hostess or because I am Latina and I should be ordering the food and cleaning up after right so that’s the part Silas that although you are ranked how they do and even paid as they are paid right and you know have the privilege of knowing what everybody else makes but you still treated that way always can you please take care of this food ok we will let you know when the board meeting is done so you can come and clean up and you have never asked a male a white male to do it.

Ramirez: Although there are many advantages and disadvantages to being a Latina woman in business, she credits her culture for helping get to where she is and continue to make a change for the better within her business.

Bracho: In every industry that I have worked the workforce has been made up primarily of Hispanic employees so having that connection to the staff I have earned their trust maybe automatically by being Hispanic from being able to be there voice so I think that has really helped me because you know there’s a connection and also you know taking in consideration with my parents and how hard they work and kind of being able to assimilate with them and realizing that I was an immigrant child I came here when I was six my journey when a different direction but I never took it for granted if that makes sense so I think that has helped me to never lose sight of where I came from and I think having that ability to be able to communicate with the workforce and then also relay back their feelings back to upper management and kind of build that bond be the liaison if you will that has helped me a lot and of course speaking and being bilingual without a doubt.