Adrian Murphy interview regarding vaccinations

Samuel Carey

Samuel Carey: What’s your name and your residence.

Adrian Murphy: Adrian Murphy, South Central L.A senior citizen, what’s going on?

Carey: I’m just out asking people, well mainly black folks on the COVID-19 and also is it good for black folks to be taking this vaccination is it good for us or is it damaging us?

Murphy: I totally feel that it’s, I disagree with the vaccination. I think it would hurt us more than help us, regardless of what they say. I think they’re to reduce our race reduce the population, not just our race but I think it’s something bigger than this vaccine I think they’re really trying to reduce the population have population control and the vaccine is the way to help create that reduction.

Carey: So pretty much it would be bad for you to take the vaccine, or would you have a change of heart later on.

Murphy: I would never have a change of heart. Unless we couldn’t get in grocery stores anymore, get gas, go to work, fly out… out of the state, country you know, they put the squeeze on us like that. Then we have to you know have to make a conscious decision on what to do but I feel like, you know, I have a God bigger all of that, so I’m not even worried about that. I really would not take the vaccine, period.