Notes from the skybox

John Kitano

A few more musings from the past week.

If you cant wait for the Dodgers or Angels to begin, get your baseball fix here at Cerritos.

The Birds began their season over the weekend, and the fans are already in midseason form, ready to second guess the coaches.

On the first weekend in February, the temperatures reached well into the 80’s, which was perfect weather for baseball.

If you come to see the Birds play, here’s a tip. At the beginning of the game, sit in the top row on the first base side. That is where the shade is.

Glendale’s first baseman has a familiar name, Fer-nando Valenzuela.

Yes, his father is the Dodger pitching great.

After the men’s basketball team defeated Comp-ton, you could hear the players in the locker room cheering in celebration.

When are we going to hear the Cerritos basketball games on WPMD radio?

In Conclusion

Remember, if you’re hitting the bullseye every time, you’re standing too close to the target.