Auditions for 1940 take place

Sergio Ramirez

Auditions for the new drama department production, “1940’s Radio” were held at the Burnight Center Theatre on Monday and Tuesday.

Beginning at 8 p.m., show business hopefuls began lining up inside, waiting for their turn to be seen and heard by the casting director.

For some, it was simply a chance to have some fun and test their show business aptitude. For others it was an opportunity to get experience for possible future Hollywood careers.

Actress Claudia Aicardi, for one, has future aspirations that she thinks she can test in this production.

“I want to act for a living, and you can’t be picky over what role you get offered,” she said.

“Because of my height, I usually get offered the role of either the tough girl or the ditz, but I can’t complain.”

Aicardi is approximately 5′ 10.”

Another show business hopeful is Brenda Banda.

She wants to do musical theater and has auditioned for a Pasadena playhouse production of “West Side Story”.

“I’m hoping to do films too, eventually,” Banda said.

Other people who auditioned, however, simply tried out to have a good time.

The two-part audition consisted of singing, where the actors were seen individually by the casting director, and a dance recital, where the actors showed what they could do in groups of three at a time.

The dance got more difficult and complex as the evening went on.

“I’m not usually a dancer!” confessed Banda, after one particularly strenuous set.

While some obviously had little dance experience, that did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm or even their will to try

“You have to love what you do, and this is what I love. I’m going to take this as far as I can,”said Aicardi

A few minutes later she was called in to be seen by the casting director, which is just another step on the long show business road.