Review: ‘Bubble Boy’ floats aimlessly

Review: Bubble Boy floats aimlessly

Jun-Sik Kim

Are you a bird flying freely in the air called “Life?”

If the answer is “yes,” ask yourself one question; what is the obstacle that suppresses your wing: money, family, disease, fame, ability, time or death?

If you’re not happy because of one of them or more, just forget about it, then you’ll get it. You’ll become happy.

Look at the “Bubble Boy.” He wins real happiness in spite of a sick body and lack of time and money, leaving the affection of his family!

Bubble boy, Jimmy Livingstone (Jake Gyllenhaal), is destined to live his entire life in a plastic bubble made by an over-protective mother (Swoosie Kurtz) because he was born without immunities.

However, when he gets to know that his sweetheart, Chole (Marley Shelton), is about to get married to the wrong guy, he sets off on a long trip in a mobile bubble of freedom. Although it is a tough journey, he becomes a friend, god and preacher of freedom to freaks, bikers and cult members who he meets on the way.

Eventually he takes off the bubble that has imprisoned him and lives happily ever after.

There is no deep or complex story line, actor or actress who guarantees that this film will be a blockbuster, or special effects that will make you jump out of your seat.

Surely we don’t even have to mention an Oscar.

This is not a story that should be taken seriously, but it is a light-hearted movie for your enjoyment, like a fairy tale where an ambitious prince rescues a lovely princess.

Go see it and laugh out loud, and then make your own way toward happiness.

If you’re short on money, just wait until the video comes out.

Bubble Boy is directed by Blair Hayes and produced by Beau Flynn.