Grant delights lunch crowd

A live acoustic show was presented as a special lunch time event in the Student Center at Cerritos College Sept. 18.

Pop/rock singing sensation, Alicia Grant performed a concert on stage from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The lunch-time crowd was there listening to her interpretation of old favorites and a few of her own tunes.

A slight equipment problem delayed the concert, but soon enough Grant was belting out her tunes and rocking the crowd to her own brand of musical delight and stage magic.

She sang contemporary easy songs by Natalie Imbruglia and Sarah McLachlan, and also several original songs that she and her guitarist, Dan Sistod wrote themselves, such as “Conversation” and “All in time.”

Sistod has a bit of notoriety in his own right, having worked with famous artists such as Tony Braxton and many others. He has also performed as backup on events such as the Grammies.

Cerritos College Art student, Ernesto Abea, said he thought the concert was very nice and that Grant had “skills.”

Grant is now a 10-year veteran of the Los Angeles and Orange County stage scene. She has also performed at numerous festivals, music clubs and shopping mall events all over the Southland.

According to this amazing vocalist, singing is something she has always wanted to do. One day she simply woke up and said, “I better do it before I go through my whole life and regret not singing.”

The first time Grant ever performed before a live audience was when she was 19 years old, and she has been rocking the crowds ever since.

But her passion for music started much earlier, ever since the time she could first stand up in front of the television and sing along to the commercials.

Cerritos students were certainly glad she made that decision, as the applause and cheering at her concert clearly demonstrated.

Grant has entertained Cerritos College students several times in the past, and has expressed a love for performing here.

“I’ve gotten a really good response from the people, and I think they’re really cool. I mean, really cool,” she said.

Admitted Grant fan, Cerritos College Culinary Arts student Esther Esparga rushed the pop/rock diva after her performance and asked for her autograph. “She has fans here,” Esparga said.

The aspiring pop/rock star plays frequently at local nightclubs and enjoys her shows at Coffee Houses and shopping centers in Orange County because they “pay me well, plus it is just plain fun!” she said.

Grant has cut her first master demo CD and is being scouted by several major record labels. She already has plans to cut a full-length CD and make it available in such venues as the Cerritos College bookstore.

Look for her to return here sometime soon and watch out for her music to rock the roof.

Armondo Borboa contributed to this story.