Loss hurts men’s quest for playoffs

Veronica Campos

In a game that could have made a difference in making it to the playoffs for the men’s soccer team, the Falcons lost to El Camino College, 3-1, Friday at Cerritos.

The Falcons’ (7-9-4, 4-6-3 in South Coast Conference, 2-4-3 in Western Division) record might not be enough to qualify for post-season play.

With only one game left to play it seems as if the season was over Friday, according to some players.

Falcons’ forward Nestor Elias said, “Many of the players on the team have no pride and no heart.

“We had the opportunity to make it to the playoffs, but the simple mistakes that the young players made blew our chances.”

The Falcons visited L.A. Harbor, one of the best teams in the league, for their final game of the season Tuesday.

Alberto Gonzalez and David Barrera scored for the Falcons as they defeated visiting L.A. City College, 2-1, Oct. 30.

Barrera’s goal at Long Beach City wasn’t enough for the Falcons as they lost to the Vikings, 3-1, Oct. 26.

Gonzalez said, “It was scoreless in the first half. We were doing good, until the second half came and they scored.

“And then Barrera scored to tie up the game, but they scored two more on us.”