Journalist/runner recounts race

Journalist/runner recounts race

Jun-Sik Kim

A track event like running, for the average spectator, is generally an uninteresting and unpopular sport.

Unlike other sports, that for this type of spectator, can create a lot of excitement, the methodical nature of track is too patience-demanding to maintain people’s attention.

Spectators need the fast paced excitement of team sports like basketball or football.

Without any fancy plays or concealed cheating in the trenches, runners must take their sport one step after another, which leads him/her to the finish line.

This is, however, the very reason why I love running and why I do my best when I run. Spending my energy equally and keeping my breathing consistent is the genuine pleasure of my holy labor that draws a just result. Running rewards me for my efforts.

The first prize I won, however, resulted not only from my self-control but when two runners in front of me disappeared all of a sudden while running in Falcon stadium. They went the wrong way. I actually didn’t realize I was the winner until I got the red stick on which number “1” was written.

The other guy who ran ahead of me was a classmate in my PE class. Although he was always better than me in the class, he made too fast a start and an inappropriate distribution of energy and I was able to catch up with him at the last corner.

The course was definitely shorter than two miles and I could speed up with enough energy.

Although life is not as short as two miles, in life we’re the players who are running, walking, and at times taking a rest toward the finish line.

Let’s check out how much energy we have exhausted on our journey to this place. Turn around and ask for help, if you lost your own pace and you are wandering without a goal. If you think you’re doing well, just keep going.

Records are just devices that make heros, not an absolute goal. All the participants who stayed the course are the winners in their own race, and my trophy is for all of us.

I believe the winners of the turkey trophy designed their lives better than I because it took a lot more thinking than just running.