Men’s basketball: Close loss to L.A. City

Veronica Campos

Friday in basketball, the Cerritos men lost at home to L.A. City College, the third-ranked team in the state, 70-65.

The humbling loss led to some players wishing not to comment on the game.

Falcons’ guard Ryan Reyes led the team with 17 points.

Right behind him was Forward Aaron Hamilton with 16 points.

According to some players, what hurt the team the most was their lack of offense.

The Falcons made 14 out of 22 free throws overall.

The Cubs made 15 out of 28, with by 35 rebounds for the team.

Falcons’ guard Geovanny Aispuro said, “We have to play harder on our offense, our defense is good.

“We need to come together as a team.”