International student lives the American Dream

International student lives the American Dream

Jun-Sik Kim

I came from a country where more than half of the young people born there probably wouldn’t like to be reborn there if they had a choice.

Despite the fact that most of them have never been abroad, they just believe vaguely that somewhere else should be better than their own country. A country losing hope!

On the other hand, you are living in a country where more than half of young people would like to be reborn here if they had the choice.

Although you may not agree with me, a number of people from all over the world are rushing daily into your nation, legally or illegally, sometimes at risk to their own lives.

I don’t think that the seven months I’ve stayed here is long enough to evaluate two countries. However, I’m going to say how beautiful your country is and how wonderful your life is reflected in my eyes is.

If I were to ask you what you are doing, you would say you are studying a certain subject and that you work at a certain place.

If I ask the same question to students in my country, they would say “I am going to school because I have to and I’m not sure if I could even get a job.”

The hope of life is not something special. When I study what I want to learn and in doing so I dream of my future, then hope exists in my mind, not somewhere else.

Have you ever thought that you take a good amount of rest (meaning free time) here. Parks and libraries are located in every city. There are plenty of cultural events and a variety of places to hang out. All of them nurture your life and allow you to rest comfortably.

The fact that you can get a rest as much as you work is one of the reasons I think this country is wonderful.

Every time I see the disabled people on campus, I feel really happy. I seldom see them going around in my country. They can go anywhere they want and they do whatever they need here.

There is no reason to voice down because you are female. You don’t have to be buried into the masses just because you are a minority. What you have to do is to keep living your own life as a human.

You might not have thought what I’ve talked about so far is important and precious in your life. My country is not an undeveloped country where people are suffering from starving and malnutrition.

There is just not enough hope and rest to make their lives beautiful.

Now I’m gladly going back to the country I belong to, to the family I love, and to my friends I trust and because I’ve seen what a beautiful world it is, I want to share that beauty with my people.

I would like them to realize that we have a beautiful world in my country and set their minds at rest with happiness.