Video game is not intended for kids

Alfonso Pintor

Grand Theft Auto III isn’t just a game. Besides all the head bashing, car stealing, and violent game play, GTA III contains a storyline, side missions (where you can actually play the good guy), and free roaming, which enables you to raise hell on the streets of Lib-erty City.

You are a framed ex-con who is freed when a Mafia boss is rescued from a police vehicle you were both transported in. When the Ma-fia goons kill the cops, you escape with criminal charges piling up by the minute. A fellow ex-con introduces you to a big boss who jump starts your criminal career. That’s when the fun starts.

You are sent to complete a series of missions, (73 to be exact) by different underworld crime lords. As you run a muck throughout Liberty City you are able to kill pedestrians and police officers, and steal fast cars. You will get caught in the middle of gang wars and even dispose of bodies.

Sound dangerous? Not to worry you are equipped with an array of weapons such as a bat, grenade launcher, battle artillery, and even a tank.

When your energy levels run low you simply pick up a hooker, do her in the backseat , kill her and get your money back. If that doesn’t work you can also have the choice of consuming drugs.

Realistically, once you kill more than a few of cops, no matter where you run and hide you will be killed. Be-sides that, the Play Station 2 game has it all, making it the ideal criminal simulation game for young adults.

No matter how great this game is, it is still not suitable for younger, more impressionable players.

Despite all the controversy the game has sparked, it continues to be named Game of the Year by almost every popular video game magazine in the nation. It was also declared a “groundbreaking artistic masterpiece” and possibly for some the “greatest game of all time.”

Opposition argues that GTA III, a Rock star Games production, induces violence in players and depicts the criminal life as glorious and adventurous.

There is no question about it; GTA III is the best game of the year. Give it a try and you will definitely be craving for more violence.