The Cosmetology Department gave $2 manicures and $4 hair cuts last Thursday during Club Day. This promotion was designed to bring in clients as well as students to the department.

The Cosmetology Department of Cerritos College is known to be one of the finest. Because of the cultural diversity at Cerritos College, the students are trained on every hair type and style.

“We don’t just do the typical hair cut and style–we go above and beyond,” Angelo Rottino, president of the club, said. “This is a society of ever-changing fashions, so we are all well trained and ready for anything that comes our way.”

The Cosmetology program consists of hours you have to meet. Students attend Monday through Thursday whether they are full-time or part-time students. The program takes roughly a year to get from freshman to senior. To be considered a senior, you have to surpass 800 hours. A junior has to have at least 500 hours, and anything below that is considered a freshman. The Cosmetology Club is only open to students who are enrolled in the department.

Cosmetology students love what they do. “Think about it this way,” said Salina Ramos, a senior. “You have the ability to make someone feel beautiful.”

The Cosmetology Department is located in the Health Science building, 2nd floor. For more information you may contact the department at (562) 467-5047 ext. 2950