Condom Revolution

Cerritos College Art Gallery opened another exhibit along with Muralissimo.

The new exhibit features art from the California Family Health Council collection.

The artists were given blank condom boxes that contain condoms and were told to draw whatever they wanted on them. The boxes were distributed to patrons by the Health Council to people within 15 and 25 years old all over California.

There are currently 30 boxes on display in the Art Gallery.

Like Muralissimo, the artists that participated were completely untrained.

This was part of the reason why Gallery director, Marcus Adams, chose to include these works into the exhibit.

“I thought it was a nice companion to the show Muralissimo. It shows that once again, something can be brought alive,”said Adams.

“It also contrasts very well with these bland packages,” said Adams.

“The point of this exhibit it to try and raise awareness for young adults.”

Veronica Reveles, a Psychology major, said, “It makes it kind of fun! It’s more interesting to take an artistic approach to it instead of a serious approach.”