A+ certification

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

Ever thought about getting A+ certification?

Well if you are interested in becoming A+ certified, Cerritos College Economic Development Department is currently recruiting students for training in A+ Certification.

The department is apart of a project called Long-term Family Self Sufficiency Project through Los Angeles County for the Department of Public Social Services.

This program is for students who are working/unemployed, poor or in the CalWorks program (No more than 200 percent above poverty level).

“This is a pilot program, it was tried at Compton Community College and so far it has had a 95 percent success. So now we get to bring the program to Cerritos,”said Toni Grijalva, ATEC program facilitator.

The previous pilot program was held through Compton College and yielded a 95 percent pass rate on the Certification test with 80 percent of the participants in permanet employee status.

The other 20 percent are still completing their internships.

This program covers the entire training course, certification testing and a paid six month internship with permanent employee status contingent on performance during the internship.

Program Content:-Introduction to Computer Hardware Systems-PC HArdware Components-How they work and How to install them-PC Disassembling and Reassembling-DOS, Windows 98/2000-Hard Disk Optimizing and Configuring-CD ROM and Floppy Disk Drives-Diagnostics and Troubleshooting-Memory Management-Monitor and Printer Technologies-A+ Certification Review and Testing (CORE and DOS/Windows)-Introduction to Digital Electronics-Introduction to Multimedia-Understanding Safety and Accident Prevention Procedures.-Microsoft Word Applications

The program consists of four and a half months of training and is set to begin on Feb. 24. The course is free and at the end of completion, the students will receive six units of credit.

To be a potential candidate for the program students need to have met six requirements within the last six months.

Requirements for Potential Students are:

-Los Angeles County Resident-9th Grade levels for reading and math (Assessment Testing is required)-Working/unemployed poor CalWorks program (No more than 200 percent above poverty level)-Must have a child in the household (non custodial parents do not qualify)-Must have some computer knowledge-Be committed to complete the program

Only 25 students can be accepted into the pilot program.

The Pilot Program consists of:

-A+ Certification (290 hours), Work Prep (18 hours)-4 1/2 months of training to begin Feb 24 (6-10p.m., M-F) with -completeion by June 30.-Classes will be held on the campus-Internship and Employment-employment is contigent on performance during internship

One possible internship site is with Los Angeles Unified School District.

Recruitment Process:Submit applicationAssessment Testing in the areas of Reading MathInterview and Income verificationSkills assessment on computer

“The program origanally was through Mt. San Antonio College who received a grant from the State of Calfornia, then Mt.SAC distributed the grant to Compton and Cerritos,” Grijalva said.

The training is all covered by Cerritos College. The students books will also be covered for the program.

This training course is the equilent of three separate CIS courses that can be taken here.

“We are looking for students who are dedicated and willing to finish the whole program. Also if students show advanced computer skills, there might be additonal training available for students,” Grijalva said.

“We have to have 25 students to begin the program, so if students want to join or if they know anyone that meets the requirements we want them to apply for the program,” Grijalva said.

For more information on applying for the program contact Toni Grijalva at 562-860-2451 ext. 2511 or email her at [email protected]

Log on to www.talonmarks.com for application for the A+ Certification.